Bacardi NH7 Weekender, Pune Review

“Being a fairly new festival, I was in two minds to go back. After having been for their debut festival last year, the memories pulled me back for this one as well. Well, a lot had changed since last year. They had obviously gotten much bigger. Organization was top class. Details were given more attention to this time.  Having said all this, they had gotten much stricter too. Which was a big bummer. Designated drinking areas for 25 years and above. No cigarettes, chewing gum etc. No body likes being forced to buy a brand they don’t smoke.

None-the-less, we quickly forgot all about the inconveniences and decided to have a great time. 

Being an electronic music aficionado, my friends and I headed straight to the Dub Station and stayed there till the end. Brilliant set-up, awesome visuals, great weather along with green grass tickling your bare feet changed our mood before we knew it.

Honestly, just like everyone else, I had never heard of the artists who played that night. But what I clearly remember is that they kept us entertained, engaged and dropped some mean beats to keep us on our feet. Dancers followed by Reggae live singers took everyone by surprise.

Bottom line, I highly recommend that you give NH7 2013 a go. I know I will. Such festivals only get better, meaner and bigger. “

- Trilok Nichlani, Co-founder and Director, Power Struggle Music

Tip: Most stages are on grass so a pair of comfortable slippers is all you need. Designated bar areas are far and wide so tank up at regular intervals to enjoy the music. Book your tickets online to take advantage of Will Call facilities which are way faster than buying on the spot and extremely well managed. Go with an open mind, you never know which new genre of music you may happen to fall in love with!

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