Bass Kleph – Tommy’s Dream

G’day guys! I’m stoked to announce the release of my song Tommy’s Dream on Smash The House records! I’m really excited about this track! It has an interesting story behind it too.

So, one of my long time best mates is Tommy Trash, and he has been helping me by overseeing a few of my tracks. There was two tracks he kind of liked, but not entirely. In one track he loved the breakdown only, and in another he loved the drop only. He’s very hard lined, and even though we are best friends, he will only tell me he likes something if he really honestly believes in it. Not just because we are friends.

He’d been playing the one with the drop he liked but was unsure of the breakdown still. One day he called me and said he had a dream. He dreamt he was Djing and playing my track with the good drop, but when it broke down it went into the song with the good breakdown. He asked me “would this be possible to make?”. “yeah, they’re only a semi tone apart. I’ll transpose it, make a version, and send it to you” i said. It totally worked! We both loved the new version, and Tommy has since been playing it every show, including EDC. It’s so crazy that without his dream, this track would never have existed. I thought it was only right to then re-name it, “Tommy’s Dream”.

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