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Bobby Vena (Melbourne, Australia)

Biography: Look into Bobby Vena’s career. Search the name. Find yourself among catalogues of high-end production, massive club event affiliation, and knowing nods from dance music’s elite. To be fair, very little actual searching is required… The year just gone showcased Vena’s remix abilities more than any other: Avicii’s Malo

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Mark Loverush

Mark Loverush a prominent figure in the UK EDM scene for over a decade, working also as Club Promotions Manager at Power Promotions for 9 years, DJing on the London Underground Circuit and Producing Music since 2005. In 2003 Mark joined Power Promotions the UK”s Number One Club Promotion Company

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John Bay (Finland)

“I’m 20-year-old dj and producer from Tampere, Finland. I represent the new generation of Finnish EDM-producers. I’m now getting noticed because of a style that many people have not hear before. I found electronic music as a teenager after listening a lot of hiphop throughout my childhood. I bought my

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Knightlove (Berlin)

  KNIGHT was born in Berlin in 1980 on a backseat of a car while the song Upside Down of Diana Ross was running on the radio. So this was a very musical Start into Life. His father was a successful DJ in the early 80´s so KNIGHT grew up

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Dustin & Geon

Dustin Morris and Geon Flores started in Dustin&Geon in the fall of 2011 based around their mutual love of electronic music. Fusing the aggressive, pulsing sounds of electro with the uplifting melodic lines of house, D&G make visceral, intriguing songs that pay tribute to their eclectic influences while at the

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DJ SWAP (Mumbai)

Swapnil Chavan, 24 years of age, an inspiration to people who dare to dream and turn them into reality. He plays at top profile events such as the launch of the international brands Kenzo and Harley Davidson in Mumbai, and at various clubs like Rock bottom, Razz berry, Onyx, Seven,

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Mehul, aka Nispesa, has always been musically involved throughout his life, playing the violin, piano, and drums in various school bands. Wyclef Jean, The Roots, DJ Icey, Kaskade, Linkin Park, DJ Godfather, Miami Night 1984, and the styles of Wolfgang Gartner are just a few of Brownbear’s biggest inspirations.  He continued

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DJ Healey (Australia)

Living in Melbourne, Australia, DJ Healey can be seen working behind the scenes for a 24 hour dance music radio station. Healey restricts the exclusivity of his sets to the online hounds of hell, towards an audience who can handle the g forces that come with the hard baselines and

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Sande & Acler (Sweden)

Joakim Sande & Fredrik Åkerstrand have known each other for a couple of years. It took them a while to discover their common passion for EDM and decided to collaborate as a side project to their own artistry, for as far as these guys know, two heads think better then

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