This 3-day dance event is like any other EDM festival around the world. If you do decide to attend one of these, it should be solely for the talent showcased and for its location (its on a hill over looking 2 smaller towns) Besides that, it really has nothing different or extraordinary to offer.

The Power Struggle Team did get a chance to attend this festival in Daresbury, Cheshire (A three hour train ride from London) in August 2011.

Here is what we came back with:

We did get real unlucky when it came to the weather. Not only did it rain during the festival, but the arena experienced a thunderstorm the night before. So you definitely want to keep a close track on the weather (We doubt it makes much of a difference since their weather is as unpredictable as London) Due to the showers from the previous night, it was impossible to walk through muck and soggy soil. Their arena is HUGE, with multiple tents and two main stages Very VERY far from each other. Trekking to party is a big bummer.

Furthermore, getting to and from the arena was a bitch! Being a small town they didn’t have too many cabs. And taxi lines were humungous. After dancing and walking around in that unforgiving muck, all you want is your bed. Something they make you work for in a strange way.

They offer amusement park rides located all over during the festival. (Watch the video) Hopping onto a free fall or a sling shot ball sounds real awesome, but they are ridiculously priced.

You don’t need to worry about food here. They have all kinds of cuisines placed all over the place.

We believe if the weather were less cruel, our experience would have been much, much better. It is definitely worth experiencing this festival, but DEFINITELY at a different location (included below)

Check out their website for tickets and dates (

Worldwide Locations: Abu Dhabi, Andalucia, Australia, Brazil, Buenos Aires, Chile, Peru


Creamfields 2011 Highlights

Creamfields 2012 Trailer

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