Nanok- Death by Shoelaces

NANOK and Black Flower Music have released Death By Shoelaces this week and boy do they mean business! Crispy clean, sparky white and smoother than a triple waxed wooden bench- its definitely got us tripping!! 

We would definitely love some of that Pillow Talk after a hard night out, but just before passing out with a wide grin Deja Vu is that smack in the face that keeps you up and going. There is some genius play with the vocals so far and beautiful chord selection to keep the momentum flowing till Twins just takes it all to another level. The guitar soliloquy mid track before he brings back that funk restored our faith in God. As already described in our previous review of India- Nanok has made our country proud. We wont be surprised if the track gets picked up, mixed and played out by some heavy weights around the world!

Title track Death by Shoelaces is a calm, serene drift into a pond away from all the commotion and noise of the city. It transported us to that ideal place where we would just want to lay back on a hammock and stare up at the stars. Would even go to the extent of saying that its what the word peace should sound like- which explains ‘death’, but not as unfortunate as one because of an untied shoe lace. As expected, he has saved the best of last- Can Someone is our favorite – a BONUS for sure! The nice dubby feel goes really well with Ashna’s vocals and this is a pure feel good track! German techno sounds with techy mellow beats cloud this album which is a fantastic change from the all the deafening big room being force fed today. Jai has made an excellent use of his classical roots in this album and given us a fresh perspective towards the kind of talent our country has to offer. The team at Power Struggle Music would like to give Death By Shoelaces two thumbs up!

“Death by Shoelaces” will be available for FREE download on the 24th of March.

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