Denis Laurent & Kaisa Martina – My Feelings For You (incl. remixes)

Silk Textures closes out 2012 with a beautiful deep house track by breakthrough Russian artist Denis Laurent. Specifically, the romantic “My Feelings For You”, perfectly suited for the after-hours, features talented newcomer Kaisa Martina on vocals and an equally emotive instrumental from Laurent. Delicate bell sounds, representative of the winter season, are introduced early, as well as a sexy bass progression. Soon thereafter, Kaisa delivers the vocal: her fragile, aching voice is an ideal match for the delicate melodic textures of the song. The emotional energy continues to crescendo and reaches a climax in the “drop”, when Kaisa gorgeously repeats some of the key lyrical motifs of the track.

MeHiLove (a.k.a. Yuriy Mikhailov), the first of two veteran remixers, is a tremendously gifted and versatile artist from Ukraine. His name has appeared on recent radio shows by progressive and trance’s most accomplished DJ’s (Armin Van Buuren and Paul Oakenfold, to name a few). His remix here is perhaps best described as trance-influenced progressive house, as it blasts off with an energetic main bassline and anthemic piano theme. Kaisa’s vocal sounds much more powerful in the context of this uplifting and “epic” soundscape. Meanwhile, a variety of other melodic motifs are added by meHiLove, all of which are fresh and inspired. In the main break, Kaisa’s chorus combines with meHiLove’s stunning melodic progression, to euphoric effect.

Finally, Technical Lovers, who have contributed greatly to Silk Textures over the years, return to the imprint with another classy house rendering. The track centers on a sexy groove and a hypnotic, repeating pad motif; meanwhile, Kaisa’s vocal provocatively cuts through the mix, as it has been processed here with a bit of extra fullness and “bite”. In the main break, her vocal is given the spotlight, while Latin percussive elements maintain the rhythm. The acoustic sound of the mix in general is quite refreshing.

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