Mehul, aka Nispesa, has always been musically involved throughout his life, playing the violin, piano, and drums in various school bands. Wyclef Jean, The Roots, DJ Icey, Kaskade, Linkin Park, DJ Godfather, Miami Night 1984, and the styles of Wolfgang Gartner are just a few of Brownbear’s biggest inspirations.  He continued his passion with the piano and drums, creating free spirited melodies on his free time.  Music has always been and still is a hobby that keeps him sane, and ever more motivated to pursue a balanced life style.  Known for mixing the 70s, 80s, 90s, to the 2000s into one set, he quickly made a name for himself in the Detroit club scene.  He currently does shows every weekend at the Wayside Central and The Pub, and adding more venues to his list this summer.  He knows how to feed a variety of genres to his audience, but hopes to establish a name associated with just a few [progressive house, electronic, breakbeat].  Pursuing a career in Audiology and DJing weekly events, there is very little free time left for his album.  He has high hopes to finish his album come the end of 2012, releasing a total of 7 tracks.  Aside from working as a club DJ and traveling across the states for shows, he is now also establishing himself as an Event Coordinator and Booking Agent.  It is the least to say he is motivated to great things and give back to the community.  Loving the fast lane, and moving with the people around him, Mehul is going to help many individuals achieve their goals and dreams, as well as his own.

To hear Nispesa’s set for Power Struggle, click here!

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