DJ Chuckie- Royalty, Mumbai

The king of dirty dutch and Surinamese superstar, DJ Chuckie was in Mumbai on February 28th. Unfortunately, we aren’t quite the ‘regulars’ at Royalty- the suburban hotpot for EDM lovers on Thursday nights. So, we got a friend who also happens to be a veteran in the field to fill in for Power Struggle and bring back some scoop for a review.

If you generally dont reach the bottom of a page which is text heavy, here’s the shortest possible synopsis for you:

“So the music was bang bang till 3.. Thats when he switched to tech sounds and some dark underground house.. Sound was good.. Only issue was place was too too packed.. They over sold as usual..”

“So I went to see chuckie for his mad dj skills.. Wasnt expecting such a madd banging set and the best part.. It wasnt just dirty dutch. It was more than just annoying pitch bending leads”.

Versatility is the name of the game. The above quote, we believe is what made it a game changer, a roof tearer, an absolute thumper of a night, if we may… We have been to been to the mother of all festivals- Ultra Music Festival in Miami and also to really tiny 200 people intimate parties at underground clubs in Chicago. What really makes our night, is to see the DJ show us what he’s really made off. Playing around with unfamiliar sounds and experimenting a bit to gauge the audience reaction isn’t much to ask for. Giving people a taste of something they may not have heard before and focusing on skill over popular releases to get a positive response is exactly what adds those extra cracks to the club walls.

Chuckie played some mad mashups!!! Niggas in paris with satisfaction, City of  EPIC dreams and Cannonball were my favorites. He did an amazing job keeping it mainstream and big room at the same time.. I hate DJs who play tracks for 5-6 mins each.. Chuckie was super quick!! Kept the energy up! All the way.. He was interacting with the crowd throughout.. Sometimes a little too much yap yap.. But i think it worked for him”

Mashups, bootlegs, smashups, blends, crossovers.. call them what you may, but today, they are the WOW factor of most live sets. Chuckie has been giving away his mashups on Soundcloud since we can remember and it definitely has been working well for him. Most DJs come, shake the place with their music and leave quietly. Very few can actually interact with the audience through words.  Chuckie has a personality that symbolizes cool. His way of speaking (accent), choice of words and dressing and have a bit of a cult following as well now. For e.g. When he dropped Ghosts and stuff, he announced ‘bow down to the holy mau5′. Haha”

All in all, it seems to have been a super gig that we surely regret having missed out on. But yet again, we are sure he will be back in no time. Afterall, the best is still come with India turning into the world’s new favorite EDM destination! 

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