DJ NINJA- Eastern Electronic Festival Mix – 06/14

The one and ONLY DJ Ninja who’s every set is featured on this website, hurled this massive massive Live Set at us this week. Boy, were we stunned!

It’s not like we didn’t expect such himalayan levels of awesomeness, but it’s been a while since a live set has got us drifting away into la la land in the middle of the day.  Its always pleasure to hear Jakatta and PAJI tucked into her sets and Celeste Guinness is clearly here to make a mark of her own in the live electronica world.

Recorded live in Camden with my accomplice Celeste Guinness on the electric guitar for the Eastern Electronic Festival, deep as hell :) .

Celeste Guinness – @acidpalace

The Eastern Electronic Festival uniquely showcases an ambitious and high quality line-up featuring plenty of electronic visual experimentation with inspired new-music performances by British Asian artists from the UK and abroad, and from traditional to contemporary exploration of the latest sounds.

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1. Cheriemoya – Nico Stojan
2. Smile for me – Sei A (Chaim remix)
3. American Dream – Jakatta (Andre Crom & Chi Thanh remix)
4. Porto – Worakls
5. Paji – Lacerta
6. Come easy – High Heels (David August remix)
7. There’s no time – Fur Coat
8. Camel Blues – Pawas
9. Medea – Solomun
10. Toskana – Light Leak (Milkbleeder remix)
11. Young World – Daniel Bortz, Sascha Sibler

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