Electric Zoo, New York

Whoever conceived the idea of organizing an EDM fest on Randall’s Island was aiming for gold. Just towards the end of Summer, on Labor’s Day weekend, this fest provides the city dwellers with an opportunity to visit Ibiza in their backyards. In our experience, getting to a festival and back has never been this easy or fun! The festival experience starts on the bus- groups of people planning their day as it impossible to watch all acts with multiple stages featuring the best acts in the world.

To make the most of it, we bought VIP tickets for the first day and general for the second. Well segregated VIP zones just along side the General Admission allow both the same view of the stage. A bar with top shelf alcohol increases drink prices as the acts get bigger on the main stage and several options of gourmet delights to choose from- all organic. A stretch golf cart is designated to take VIPs from one stage to another who have their schedules planned out. The event is studded with models and celebrities, giving us much more to look at than the DJ waving his hands on stage. 

Our highlight of the festival was Kaskade. His opening track, ‘Move for me’ was the perfect buildup for a banging set, sunny weekend and top class line-up that literally turned us into wild animals trapped in a zoo. The boat ride back was the best way to end the day- leaving behind the warm open fields and floating into the cold, dark king of concerte jungles- New York. While most people were exchanging numbers or watching videos of their favorite moments of the day, we just sat back smiling thinking of ideas to make all this happen back home- from the big Apple to the big Pineapple- Mumbai, India.


  • You are going to be spending the day on an island. There are no vendors or convenience stores around, so stock up on the sunscreen, chewing gum, cereal bars, etc beforehand
  • Save up elsewhere and go VIP for one day atleast- its worth the experience
  • Get to the festival around 4pm- traffic eases out, entry is quicker and most of the big acts only start playing post 5.

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