Exclusive Interview: Stefano Noferini


Stefano Noferini is coming to India this weekend and we managed to catch with him with help from Submerge! Here are his thoughts on his upcoming tour, expectations from our country and future of underground music!


1. What are you expecting from your fans in India ?

There’s a lot of expectation about my dj sets, so I think I’ll have a warm welcome. I see it from the quantity of posts and feeback on Twitter and Facebook. 

2. According to you, which DJs should we look out for in 2014?

I think the techno and tech house scene is full of new talents. DJs as Paco Maroto, Alvaro AM, Miguel Bastida, Tacos Man, Daniele Selfmade, Collective Machine, George Privatti and Matt Sassari, who releases on my label, Deeperfect, are simply fantastic

3. What is your take on the future of Techno? 

I think that the techno sound is going to spread in two: classic / old school techno will be harder with high BPM. The new techno instead is getting more minimal, closer to tech house and deep. I think that’s the sound of the future.

4. What do you think of the current big room/elctro sound craze? 

I don’t follow this kind of music, I preferred the trance scene of some years ago. 

5. The past few years has been all about being number 1 in DJ rankings and Beatport, what are your thoughts about the same?

I don’t think that in the recent past charts and ranking were the only thing that counted. For instance, every ranking, every nation and every magazine has a different n. 1, so there’s not one only number one. About Beatport, it is really important for the recording industry, but it is not the only thing that counts for the career of a dj. So many underground DJs travel all around the world with their music as I do and they are not in the charts every day. 

6. What have you heard about the dance music scene in India ?

I don’t know it so much, I hope that the crowd will enjoy my tech / tech house set.

7. Which DJ do you look up to the most and would want to collaborate with in the future ?

I do so many collaborations, all of the them based on the quality of the music we produce. I recently collaborated with a superstar as Mark Knight, but at the moment I’m working with 2 young DJs who are not famous at all. Quality for me is all the counts. 

9. Can you tell us which is your most recent favorite track/ remix?

I still love the sound of the original version “Flash”, that was released in 2012. And I often play the Ron Costa remix of “Vegas”. The track came out about one year ago on Deeperfect, my label.

10. What are you currently listening to ?

I listen to so much music, every single day. At the moment, I keep on listening to old vinyls that I produced so many years ago, searching for ideas, samples  or something like that…


This interview was taken by Suhani Doctor (@suhanidoctor) for PowerStruggleMusic.com

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