Fashion ♥’s Yachts- Nocturnal- Amadeus February 2nd


Here’s a low down whats going on this Saturday (February 2nd) at Amadeus, NCPA Mumbai.

Hosts: The Yacht Week and MISU Image Consultants


Here are some of the goodies you can take home that night! 

A spot on a Yacht at TYW:

Shoes by Aurum:

Desserts by Icing on Top:


The world won’t stop raving about The Yacht Week.
It’s your time now for the first ever Yacht Week party in Mumbai.

We cordially invite you out for an exclusive night of brilliance.
Indulge your whims with sailing, music, fashion, delicious cocktails, divine deserts and a chance to go on an adventure of a lifetime. DJ Nanok’s superb tunes will rock the boat!

Let us introduce you to the wonders of sailing across blue seas, with magnificent people on board living a dream where the music plays endlessly as the waves.
This is a great way to learn why every fabulous mortal is fussing over The Yacht week and even grab some incredible merchandise. We say ‘TYW is nothing like the real world.’ Come find out why!

Theme: Ultra stylish

Gentlemen step in looking dapper, Ladies be awesomely stunning and the most styish shall take home goodies from Guess, House of MISU, Havaina’s & much more. You could even win a spot on a yacht!

For Reservations : +91222821212 +919833047773 

Cover : Rs. 1000

Event By : Power Struggle

Powered By: WhyIT

Dessert Partner: Icing on Top

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