Ferry Corsten at The Blue Frog Mumbai

At The Blue Frog once again. Memories of Sander’s gig are still fresh in our head. To dodge the whopping Rs. 1500 entry charge, we got in at 10:30 for Rs.500 and used the balance Rs.1000 for social welfare (beer). Just like the rest of the crowd in the club, we were bloody excited, so excited that we were going Gouryella to the end of Arjun Vagale’s set and to Nu Disco or whatever genre Coma were staring at each other and playing. The event that was supposedly the launch party for F Bar, which then moved to Canvas and then to The Blue Frog only drew in those who bothered keep up with the game of cat & mouse.

After some (really excited) kid announced, or rather yelled out Ferry’s entry to the console, things started heating up. Highlight of the evening was Porter Robinson’s Language on blasting through The Blue Frog speakers. For a change, I felt like going down to the dance floor since the place wasn’t ‘Bluefrog packed’- yes, its a term of measurement now. Two guys were dropping heavy Munni/Shiela/Mithun/Govinda moves right in front of us in an odd attempt to impress each other (probably inspired by Coma), so I caught up with a couple of familiar faces on stage right.

I can safely speak for myself and my friends who are Ferry Corsten die-hard fans there that night, we were bored. Yup, you read that right and I feel terrible speaking this way about a Top 20 DJ, great producer and probably one of the biggest names in trance around the world. For the first time in my life, I stepped out to make a couple of calls and get some fresh air, mid-set. Thankfully, Ferry played Arty’s Mix of Punk that got the crowd back on track. This should have been his clue to keep the sounds uplifting, but the darkness prevailed. I remember hearing Brute too, shortly after which he announced his last track and played Made of Love while I made my way out.

I know some of you may take offense and may have had the best night of your life, but I’m not paid to lie here. Expectations- something everyone  has the right to walk into a gig with, and sadly April 21, 2012 will always be a reminder to keep mine really low.

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