Interview: Kasum

Brandon is a sophomore at Boston University and loves making music. He has received praise and support from 3LAU, Henrix, KDrew, Mako, SirensCeol, Party Ghost, Pierce Fulton, Mutrix, George Moneve, Bombs Away, Paris Burns, James Egbert, Thand and Synchronice.

PS: When did you start remixing tracks? Describe the origins.

K: I was in high school when I started DJ’ing but I didn’t really like that too much just because I couldn’t make anything that was my own. But in college I started doing more mash ups. I liked doing that a lot but I still felt that I couldn’t express my creativity as much as I wanted to, so over this summer I started doing remixes. I found this little niche I guess, a genre that I really like and one that I thought I could do pretty well at.

PS: From your SoundCloud page, it can be seen that you’re a punk rock lover, so which would be your all-time favorite punk rock song?

K: That’s a really good question. When I was little I was obsessed with welcome to my life by simple plan.

PS: Whose else are you greatly influenced by?

K: I’d say seven lions. He came from a trance background and he said this is one for the interviews that he really like melodies and stuff driven by emotions and he likes the roughness of dubstep too and he combines the two and I think he’s doing a spectacular job with that. I’m trying to do the same thing, I love melodies and want to make something that makes you feel good inside. I feel that his songs kind of take you through a story from beginning to the end.

PS: You recently played an opening set for 3LAU & Carnage, what was that like for you? Tell us all about it!

K: That was amazing, last year I was a photographer for 3LAU and this year I’m opening for him in front of a couple of thousand people. I wasn’t expecting it, completely shocked. I’ve never played at a show before, I’ve done stuff like proms playing in front of 90 people, but it was so interesting to be in front of people singing my song. It was just so much fun; I don’t even know how to explain it.

PS: We saw the video of the crowd when you dropped your remix of Fall Out Boys’ “Thanks For The Memories”; the place just went off! Were you expecting that kind of a response?

K: I wasn’t sure; I literally finished that track 2 hours before in Starbucks. I got to the House of Blues 4 hours too early because I was so nervous and I thought I would get coffee or something and I then I realized that I had to finish that track, so I sat in Starbucks with a giant coffee and finished it. It was the last song that I played. I went off the little DJ podium up to the front and I almost felt like I blacked out because all the emotion that was there in those 3 minutes because of all the work that I’ve been doing took me out.

PS: If you were given a chance to produce a track with any DJ who would it be?

K: It would probably be Seven Lions

PS: If you were given a chance to open for a DJ who would it be?

K: I’d really like to open for Skrillex just so that I could meet him and pick his brains for an hour (laughs)

PS: What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when we say the following names?

Deadmau5 – Brilliant sound engineer

Porter Robinson – Young and energetic

3LAU – Definition of hustle

Carnage – Insane (in a good way)

Madeon- Genius

Above &Beyond- Trance

Carl Cox – Innovative

Zedd- Spectacular

Swedish House Mafia- Euphoric

Eric Prydz – Innovative

Seven Lions- Amazing, beyond belief

PS: Any plans to produce original tracks?

K: I’ve a whole month off from school now, so in the next few months Il’l plan to release a bunch of new sounds. Working on remixes and also an original and just trying to find an amazing vocalist for it.

PS: What are you working on right now?

K: I’m working with these two people- Prfftt & Svyble, I can’t say the name of the song just yet it’s going to be a little different from what I usually do.

PS: Have you heard about the dance music scene in India?

K: I actually haven’t, I listened to the radio when Mat Zo and Porter Robinson were there and also just saw a few pictures of when Seven Lions was there. It seems like an awesome place though.

PS: Would you like to come to India if you get an opportunity?

K: I would love to but there are a lot of factors that came into the picture because it’s not a place where you can take a train ride too. But yea, if everything falls into place then yes, I definitely would love to.

Facebook Page: | Twitter: @ItsKasum | Soundcloud:

Conducted by Suhani Doctor for #PSanta 2013

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