Interview: PAJI India Tour 2015

PAJI is visiting India for a week to showcase his LIVE violin set in three cities. We caught up with him for while on his flight to Hyderabad to get some dope on what to expect.

27th March- Hyderabad- Playboy Club

28th March- Mumbai- DimensionRed launch at Tilt All Day

3rd April0 Pune- High Spirits Cafe

1. This is your second time to India. What is it that you miss the most from your last trip here?

Waking up in Goa, going to la Plage with the guys and having breakfast while looking on the sea. What a good time. Laughed a lot there!

2. The last time you were here, you played along side Tube & Berger. How is your solo live set different?

When I play shows along with Tube & Berger, its a half DJ and half live set. They Play their set and I join them, improvise on my violin.
But PAJI live is a complete live set. I play just my own tracks. Building and arranging  them up  live.  I record and loop my violin on stage and bring it together with my sounds and beats out of my ableton and Maschine.

3. If you had to make one single change to the clubbing experience in India, what would it be?

I wouldn’t change anything. I had very good clubbing experiences in India. Of course Goa was different to Mumbai. But every City has its own vibe. So remain as you are! 

4. Tell us a bit about your latest EP- The Old Gods. What inspired the music?

I tried to show a bit of my skills with The Old Gods EP. 

On the First Track “The Old Gods” I used  lot of melodies that are out of classical Music, like the lead synth and the bells.
The second track shows where I come from. I recorded very old instruments which I learned to play along with the violin when I was young. So “Wotan” got this traditional touch. 

5. With barely 2 weeks left, what are your feelings towards coming back? With a much larger tour planned out, which city are you most keen on visiting?

I’m really looking forward to my tour in India. My last one was definately to short. I could not see the cities in which I played well. So my plan this time is of course to have great gigs but also to see and learn more about India. I will spend 2 days in Hyderabad, some days in Mumbai, will visit Goa of course and at the end I will stay in Pune.I’m sure to have a unforgettable time again. I’m very happy to see all the guys who cared about us last time.  
6. Tell us your current top 3 tracks that you play in your sets that we can expect.
As I told I will just play my own Music. There will be a lot of unreleased fresh tracks that i play in the moment. From the ones that you know:
- The Old Gods
- Six o clock (I still Love to play this one)
- Reliquia, which I produced together with my close friends Tube & Berger
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