Interview: Rhyot

Rhyot (born as Garrett Finn in 1990) of the Upper Valley, New Hampshire, first began his musical career as a basement drummer, playing alternative music with his younger brother, electric guitarist, Danny Finn. Three years later, in 2008, Garrett became interested in electronic music artists, such as Mt. Eden, Basshunter, Tiësto, and the rising deadmau5.

While studying Communication at The University of New Hampshire, Rhyot established a solid fanbase of dedicated followers in the Greater Boston Region of New England. They consistently supported his playing of many diverse events ranging from intimate apartment parties, to university sponsored events, all the way up to opening for a fully-featured concert at the Whittemore Center Arena alongside his close friend Lushous, sharing the stage with DSK CHK, Kap Slap, Tommie Sunshine, and Morgan Page. During the same time period, he and Lushous officially launched their collaboration project under the name ‘EhMF,’ though extenuating circumstances have limited their working together.

Since graduating in May of 2013, Rhyot has remained in the same area, but has greatly shifted his attention to the studio, dedicating exponentially greater amounts of time to the production of original music to move forward from his work in bootleg mashup creation. Occasionally trickling previews of his progress to his followers, anticipation has been building for his debut EP release, which is expected to be announced by Spring of 2014. 

PS: What led to the transition from basement drummer to a full blown club DJ?

R: I was playing drums for the fun of it, I began in high school and bought a kit back then and didn’t take it very seriously (laughs). I downloaded tabs to practice the songs that I listened too. It was until college really when I decided to get into electronic music because that’s when the scene was really exploding with DJs like Skrillex. I started playing around and stuff. I have an addictive personality so I take the new things pretty hard and learn pretty quickly.

PS: You seem to be building a track record of noise violations and parties over capacity.. Tell us more about it

R: You know honestly, at first I thought it was really really cool. It was like holy shit, had a large crowd, cops and fire marshals showing up because it clear that I was playing for a lot of people but it was also a problem. Over the last 6 months, it also got really annoying because it had gotten from “sweet, that’s a lot of people showing up” to “god dammit, I just want to play music”.

PS: What kind of music did you listen to back in the day and who influenced you back then?

R: Let’s see, I was always really into Darude, Prodigy, I am talking about stuff like in 2005-2006. For a kid coming out of New Hampshire, it’s difficult to come across electronic music, that’s when most of my exposure  really came into towards the end of high school, when we were listening to Basshunter, and techno guys and it was really in college when I got into house music. And immediately after that I was most inspired by Deadmau5.

PS: When can we expect to hear your first original production?

R: Oh yeah, definitely. Working on a handful of projects right now. I have between 28-30 started projects that I’ll never go back to. I have melodies down and stuff but got bored of it, which I think is definitely going to be one of my biggest downfalls, because I spend all night writing something and then wake up the next morning thinking that it sounds like shit. I’ve been working on one for a while which is very progressive and its really got that plucky synth-y feeling but I personally enjoyed it and haven’t got sick of it really. I’ve played a live gig for over two months now, which is a really long time, but as far as I am working on something, it doesn’t really matter much. It would be nice to play my mash ups but not as fulfilling as playing something original in which you’ve put so much effort into, it’s much more rewarding. I don’t get a lot of thrill in playing other people’s music which is why it’s driving me into this production thing.

PS: What about building your fan base in USA and all over the world?

R: It’s really pretty quiet. My reach is as far as my twitter, maybe Instagram. Instagram is a little more personal. But yea, not that big a reach

PS: Are you a drops kind of a DJ or techno?  What interests you?

R: I’m making progressive house and lately my interest in electro house. I am really behind a learning curve but it’s going to be gradual process. I am just learning all by myself. But I would really love to learn from someone like Wolfgang Gartner, but that’s not going to happen. So right now my goal is basically to put something together that isn’t really shitty and get signed or an internship at a label.

PS: What kind of labels are you looking at?

R: Honestly, I’m not too too picky. Shooting for the top, I would love to work for mau5trap but I think they don’t need more people but just to send them my resume would be really cool.

PS: Describe your most memorable gig

R: My favourite would be in my senior year of college. So I was the RA in my university where I was supposed to see that everyone abided the university policies, mainly drinking but I wasn’t really strict and because of which the 19 year olds in my college got really tight and became close friends . So in my final year, in a dorm and we got the sound and all and it was so much fun because we threw this really really loud and obnoxious party and I played for an hour and a half for my best friends and really close friends which is why it was one of the most memorable gigs. It was just the feel and energy of that night which is why I loved it. We’ve played arena gigs (him and his buddy Lushous) like opened for Morgan Page, Tommy Sunshine and a couple of other guys but in comparison playing in the dorm lounge with my best friends is so much more fun.

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