Interview: The Chainsmokers

Andrew Taggart (Andrew Winter) and Alex Pall, two DJs from NYC signed with the recording label 4AM. They have have spun with DJs around the world including Avicii, DJ AM, Steve Aoki, Pete Tong, Max Vangeli, Calvin Harris, and Mark Knight. They have also spun for top artists like Jay-ZRihanna,TiestoBruno MarsBusta RhymesUsherLebron JamesNe-Yo, and Drake. In 2011, the duo made an official end of the year compilation mix for Armin Van Buuren’s Napith record label titled In The Mix. They are all about girls in yoga pants, burgers  and are now playing at venues which had rejected them earlier. In 2013, they have played at TomorrowWorld, and have been making mind blowing remixes and reboots for various songs.


PS: 2013 felt like your year, with mind blowing remixes and reboots, guest mix for Felix Cartel’s podcast, playing at Tomorrowworld.. If you can sum up 2013 in a sentence what would it be?

The Chainsmokers: To quote LMFAO, ‘Ah Girl Look at that body…’


PS: In your bio, we came across the line that says the both of you love hot chicks in yoga pants, we found that hilarious! Just intrigued, why would you mention that? 

The Chainsmokers:  Because bio’s are freaking stupid… Listing off achievements and trying to characterize what we are about, it’s annoying and really difficult to do without sounding like a total idiot. So instead of going the traditional route, we tried to give a little insight into what we really are about… hot girls and music make the world go round (and gravity and stuff).


PS: What’s the story behind your stage name- The Chainsmokers?

The Chainsmokers: You won’t believe it, but we got it in a fortune cookie.. So weird…


PS: What would be your favorite remix of 2013 that you’ve made and that you’ve heard?

The Chainsmokers: That we made, probably our Smallpools Remix, love that one… Favorite that we have heard, hmmm, MSMR – Hurricane Chvrches Remix is pretty tight.


PS: Which artists according to you should we watch out for?

The Chainsmokers: I mean these guys already blew up, but Pegboard Nerds, Henry Fong, Dzeko and Torres, Tchami, Gazzo, Jeneaux, Pierce Fulton, etc etc..


PS: Which artists have influenced your music style?

The Chainsmokers: A lot of Calvin, a lot of Sheryl Crow, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Tiesto, Blink 182, BNL, Audien, Jayz, Drake, Guetta..


PS: Could you describe your first gig? What was it like?

The Chainsmokers: We opened up for Timeflis at Terminal 5, the show was sold out to like 5k screaming girls… They weren’t there for us (laughs), but it was insane and at that moment we had a glimpse of what it could be like


PS: Are you about big drops and kicks drums with or without lyrics? 

The Chainsmokers: ALWAYS LYRICS…. ALWAYS…. But we love big drops and kicks as well


PS: Drew came to the Chainsmokers after an original member left, what did new things did Drew bring? How has he changed the Chainsmokers?

The Chainsmokers: Drew brought his great hair, a wonderful outlook on life, some local knowledge of Maine, masterful skills in production, and more competition to get cute girls…


PS: Describe your craziest fan moment? 

The Chainsmokers: We haven’t had anything too crazy, everyone is really cool. We love meeting people that support us and then we get them absolutely shit faced… It’s so fun.


PS: I’m guessing Drew’s obsessed with his hair since we heard he’s got it insured.. Is it true?

The Chainsmokers: Yes it’s true, but its only insured for like 100 bucks, does that even count?


PS: What’s next for The Chainsmokers? Can we expect more originals in 2014? Saw a tweet today saying that the next tune is going to be extra special? Could you tell us what it is and why is it extra special?

The Chainsmokers: I mean we are musicians, so more music, hopefully bigger stages, cooler collabs, hotter girls, longer limos, more smiles, less frowns. We are very pumped about 2014. We are going full tilt with music and working with some really great artists and we just want to continue being us and hopefully poeple continue to enjoy that. That being said we have our first OFFICIAL release coming out Jan 28 on DimMak which we are very excited about #selfie!


PS: Your Instagram, definitely makes my day when you upload the really funny pictures. Which one of you keeps updating it? What would be that one picture that you would like to put up on Instagram?

The Chainsmokers: Usually Alex does instagram but we both get involved. Nice to hear people enjoy it. Not sure we generally put up anything we want, but sometimes Alex is too emo, so we made him set up his own instagram to post his emo shit there.


PS: I read in one of the interviews that Alex always throws up while traveling in airplanes, what’s going to happen to him if the Chainsmokers plan on coming to India which we’re hoping is soon..

The Chainsmokers: Well he only throws up when he is drunk from the night before, which is often but not always. So my guess is he would either not drink the night before, or throw up all the way to India, or at least the first 8 hours.


PS: Which song are you currently listening to?

The Chainsmokers: Drake – Worst behavior


PS: One word that comes to your mind when you see the following names:

The Chainsmokers:

     Paris Hilton – Sex

     Afrojack  – Paris Hilton

     Zedd – Smores

     Madeon – Blazer

     Tiesto – Red

     Hardwell – Won’t return our emails

     Porter Robinson  – Twitter

     Tommy Trash – Love

     Avicii – Menthols

     Pauly D – Pizza

     Diplo – Shirts

     Skrillex – Car washes

     Deadmau5 – Southpark

     Carnage – Jeff Gordon

     Steve Aoki – #selfie

     Adventure Club – Bitches


PS: If you could produce a track with one DJ of your choice who would it be?

The Chainsmokers: Calvin Marris, its Calvin’s brother….



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This interview was conducted independently by Suhani Doctor for Power Struggle Music
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