Interview with Shaan

Shaan heads to Tomorrowland once again this year! Here’s a short interview we did with the man.

Q.1) How does it feel to return back to Tomorrowland, the largest annual music festival in the world?
Ans: It’s always an amazing feeling really, I can’t wait!

Q.2) What should people of Tomorrowland expect from your performance?
Ans: Pretty much an exclusive Shaan set, got around 10 new tracks to test out and some really nice new mashups.

Q.3) What do you usually start with when preparing for a set?
Ans: Well, I don’t really prepare a set list, I just have a bunch of track I want to play laid out in no order… Although I have the first 3 tracks always the same and then after I see how the crowd responds and then the fun begins!

Q.4) Which international artist would you want to collaborate with in the near future and why?
Ans: Ah that is a tough one, well if I say anything…that’ll ruin the surprise ;)

Q.5) Which international act are you most excited to see at Tomorrowland?
Ans: Loads, too many to list out really! Its gonna be 3 days of exploring new much and learning a lot!
Q.6) What’s your next step this summer?
Ans: I’ve got a couple of gigs lined up in India and then towards September a few international gigs and one major festival!

Q.7) Who had the greatest influence on you?
Ans: well my parents have always had the greatest influence on me since the beginning. Artist wise I’d say Aly and Fila just because of the melodies the create hit right in the heart and thats what I really want to be able to do with my music too!

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