Jaytech at blueFROG, Mumbai- Review

“We are just a few days away from a sensational live set from Jaytech at blueFROG, Mumbai. THIS, is a little celebration of some of the songs we love and a journey through the fantastic album he is here to promote. Welcome to Multiverse and brace yourselves for the epicness that shall ensue.”- Rushabh Vora, Power Struggle Music

“He’s back!! The New Album Multiverse is Phenomenal.. Jaytech hails from Australia, but his DJ sets can transcend you into Space, Sunny Beach or Starlit Sky Party! Uplifting, Melodic and full of Bliss. Jaytech has been the pillar for Anjunadeep. The 26 Year Old has captured the hearts and souls of Music Listeners from across the Globe”- Vinay Khilnani, blueFROG


He came, we raged, he conquered. Thats my take on what went down at the blueFROG on Friday night. I have been waiting to hear Jaytech live since forever and had high expectations from this gig. A good track selection, audience feedback and groovy basslines- check, check and CHECK. 

It wasnt one of those nights where I had to climb on a barstool to dance (ref Sander van Doorn) nor a relatively intimate scene. Just the right number of hands in the air at every build-up made it a special night. Jaytech threw down a good array of tracks from Multiverse (well, ofcourse) and some classics like his mix of Promises. A compelling story through break-downs and well timed build-ups pumped through the speakers, just the way it should be told.

We walked out at 2:15 with a smile on our faces and fantastic beats in our head. I looked back at the club and thought to myself, only the blueFROG could have managed to pull off that experience in a city full of clubs who would rather have us focus on the bar menu than the artist flown down to make us dance.


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