Johan Vilborg – That Morning (Demure Remix)

Silk Sofa’s 53rd release comes from Swedish artist Johan Vilborg. After a breakthrough 2012, Johan is now an internationally recognized progressive trance artist, thanks to several acclaimed releases on Silk Royal, including his Beatport Top 10 charting remix of Dinka’s “Lotus”. Not only was this particular song featured as “Record Of The Week” on Above & Beyond’s “Trance Around The World” and played on numerous other shows, but it also ended up receiving over 100,000 views on YouTube. On this release, which also includes an outstanding remix by Demure, we are treated to Johan’s “softer”, more chilled side.

The original mix of “That Morning” starts off with a hypnotizing soundscape, including stunning pads and a gorgeous melodic lead. Additional pad layers emerge as the track progresses, and a soft breakbeat is slowly built up. A mesmerizing rhodes synth is introduced mid-track; its melody goes fantastically well with the beat and the string lines on top.

Zimbabwean born producer Demure, now residing in the UK, gives his first contribution to Silk Sofa with his remix of “That Morning”. The track begins with an array of lush pad lines, as well as a well-crafted breakbeat. On top is a delayed piano line, which is supported by floating background synths. New additions are made to the piano line later, and a supporting lead riff spices things up further.

The B-side to this release, “Symphonic Change”, is introduced with tranquil, harmonic bell melodies, and elaborate background synth effects give extra texture to the atmosphere. Later, a tweaky, soft breakbeat emerges, and in the break, a new string element is added, which plays rather well with the theme bell melodies.

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