Knightlove (Berlin)


KNIGHT was born in Berlin in 1980 on a backseat of a car while the song Upside Down of Diana Ross was running on the radio. So this was a very musical Start into Life.

His father was a successful DJ in the early 80´s so KNIGHT grew up with thousands of vinyls around him. 

He was impressed of  Sounds of Tears for Fears, Michael Jackson, Prince, TOTO, Simply Red, Genesis, David Bowie, Roxy Music, Donna Summer, Rupert Holmes, PInkFloyd, Hall&Oates, Level42, Foreigner, Fleetwood Mac, George Benson, Eurythmics, CultureClub, DuranDuran, Yes ( to name only a few )…….. 

He started mixing music on a damaged 2 Line Tape Deck at the age of 15. 

After some experience in sounds he started remixing HipHop Songs on MPC2000 of several artists in US…. 

2 Years later he looked forward for some faster sound style and discovered housemusic. 

Artitsts like Daft Punk, DJ SNEAK, DJ TONKA,and Todd Terry were his icons for a very long time… 

He produced a lot of House tunes on several projects.

At the age of 19 he started studying soundengineering at SAE Institute and for personal reasons he had to give up the music at the age of 22.

He traveled around the world for 7 years and decided to come back to Berlin to live a life full of music.

After some success in german charts with other projects he decided:

Now its time to produce the style he likes …

and this is what KNIGHTLOVE sounds like today…

KNIGHT is inspired by big artists of today like Axwell, Eric Prydz, MatZo, Deadmau5, Dirty South, Thomas Gold and all who show their Love by makin music.

Keep an eye on KNIGHTLOVE if music is an important part of your Life… and you have a good time by listening the songs of him.


Selected discography of KNIGHTLOVE


FosterThePeople – Helena Beat ( KNIGHTLOVE Remix )



- KNIGHTLOVE –  first own EP Release Summer 2012

- Project with DJ TONKA


To listen to Knighlove’s Podcast exclusively for Power Struggle, click here!


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