Lessov – Bleyban

Canadian sensation Lessov returns to Silk Music for the first time since his brilliant 2012 “Arabashi” release on our Arrival division. This time around on Silk Textures, he presents three inspired new cuts in the prog-deep genre, for which he has a special talent. With a prolific and celebrated discography, including radio support from Matt Darey, Solarstone, and Shingo Nakamura this past year, Lessov has carved a distinctive niche in EDM on account of his sophisticated, intricate, and emotive sound.

The first track in the EP, “Bleyban”, kicks off with a quintessential deep house groove, surrounded by a light arp and various other subtle atmospheric effects. Soon thereafter, a haunting, outer-worldly vocal sample appears and quickly establishes itself (along with the hypnotic bassline) as a central motif in the song. In the latter half of the tune, the rhythm kicks up and the slow crescendo of the song reaches a climax. Soothing and escapist in nature, this one is a true aural journey that will stay with you long after the track officially comes to an end.

The second track, “Nakali”, is equally soothing and “cavernous,” in terms of its low-end depth and sub-centered energy. A gorgeous pad envelopes the tune in a warm glow, while various bell-tinged sounds fill out the mid-range. Clocking in at almost ten minutes, this epic composition features one “main” break, in which the beat completely drops out, making room for an evocative keyboard theme. Meanwhile, the soundscape takes on an almost aquatic texture, sinking the listener into a complete reverie.

Finally, “Dilleachta” offers a more upbeat groove, though, the heavily filtered bass is signature Lessov. As the track progresses, a delicate lead synth element enters the mix, as well as a few other “jazzy” effects. Suddenly, the beats drop out, and a cinematic monologue is featured. Immediately thereafter, a stunning new lead theme is presented: beautifully melodic and seemingly influenced by travels in the Orient.

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