Located in the heart of the city, LIV has taken Mumbai Nightclubs to a much awaited, much needed and much sought after party experience. Previously hailed as “Red Light”, LIV now features Music controlled LED lights on its ceiling, mirrored walls, ease of entry (only if your on the guest list), fabulous table service, the latest club tracks and all in all a great party crowd to hang out with.

On a good night, LIV takes the detailing when it comes to its bar service to another level. You have your credit card back along with your drink while another staff member is waiting to torch up a light on your receipt. Service?  We seem to think so. Unlike some other places mentioned in our Club Guide, LIV is not a ‘sweatfest’ despite being in situations too close for comfort at times.

All in all? We love the place! Fantastic lights, well mixed drinks and superbly mixed tracks- our definition of a good night out. 

The Bummer: Maneuvering your way through and finding room for yourself in the packed club.

Power Tip: GET on the guest list, don’t waste your time at the door and make sure to leave your converse shoes at home!

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