Nueva pres. Progress Report: Verano 2013 mixed & compiled by Dave Pineda

Feel the heat! We’re in the midst of 2013′s blazing summer, and giving you the perfect compliment 
to the sweltering weather with a debut series release is Dave Pineda; mastermind behind Nueva 
flagship label, Nueva Digital.

We jumped the queue of our scheduled releases to bring to you this exciting premiere of the 
‘Progress Report’ series, starting with ND110. With this series, Dave himself personally hand 
selects the perfect tracks to compliment your mixes and headphones with emotional, uplifting, and 
adventurous tunes to exhibit the best progressive house on the market.

‘Progress Report: Verano 2013 simmers right into it starting with the controlled fury of Scotty 
Sunday’s,’Thousands Of Seconds (Original Mix)’,with it’s layers of warm aural uplifting melodies 
thatmatches the floating arpeggios and classic breakdown of #2: Nueva House label manager Yan 
Lhert’s ‘Port Arthur (Original Mix)’. #3:Jon Bach’s smooth-as-silk remix of James Woods’s mega-hit, 
‘Bliss’. The tight rhythms and melodies blend perfectly into track #4: Nihilum’s ‘In This Moment 
(Original Mix)’, whose progressive chords and atmospheric sounds take you above the heat to a higher 

Talamanca’s Dub Mix of Sergey Alekseev’s ‘It’s Morning (feat. Ange)’, #5 screams into progressive 
paradise with a grittier feel reminiscent of early classic Dinka tracks and #6:Nueva friend,and 
definite tech-progressive all-star Evave’s track #6 with ‘Till You Fly (Original Mix)’ doesn’t fail 
in any regard to it’s title. #7 is Japan’s own 06R (aka Hisataka Ogura) with his luscious melodic 
masterpiece ‘Look Human Feel Human (Original Mix)’.

Tired of reading yet? Don’t worry, we’ll be quick to wrap this up. Dave brings you #8, Gregory 
Esayan’s ‘Evening Flight (Original Mix)’ to mess add the perfect ethereal and heated stereo-field 
special treat, #9: Odison’s ‘Made Me Smile (Original Mix)’ is guaranteed to bring a smile to your 
face as it takes you into it’s folds with full pads and driving pace and wrap’s up the debut 
‘Progress Report’ series with one of the most fitting ending mixes to include in your sets; 
Intrinity’s ‘Firefly (Original Mix)’. Glowing inflections and fluttering close us out on this 

Finally to top it off we included as a bonus, a nice masterful continous flowing mix of the 
aforementionedtracks by Dave Pineda who BTW is one helluva well seasoned dj with over 3 decades 
of experience under his belt, perfect for any ‘Play-nGo’ situation.

Thank you for tuning into Nueva’s premiere release of a new series, ‘Progress Report’, with ND110!

Nueva Digital (Audi Paul & Scott Rose)

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Nueva pres. Progress Report: Verano 2013 mixed & compiled by Dave Pineda, 5.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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