Plug.In with Shiva Moon Launches in Chennai

Chennai, TN –DJ Shiva Moon – well known DJ and founder of underground electronica festival Go:Madras which just completed its 5th edition this past September – gears up to launch a new property in Chennai – Plug.In by Shiva Moon. The official launch – slated for this Sunday, December 1st at Aqua, The Park Hotel – will feature performances by headliners Shiva Moon, Anil Chawla, BLaNK and Sameer.

Plug In to the Underground

After the success of Go: Madras – an exclusive non-mainstream music and arts festival (the first of its kind in Chennai) which focuses on quality electronica acts and the finest Indian and international talent – DJ Shiva Moon is now set to launch Plug.In by Shiva Moon – a new property that promises the same brand of quality electronica. The nights, which will be held regularly at different venues around Chennai, will be curated by Shiva Moon (aka Shiv Gupta) and will feature the best electronica in the country, as well as international heavyweights – with a focus on non-mainstream, underground music. Each event will be accompanied by two one hour long post-event pod casts.


“I wanted to create a space where good, intelligent music can coexist with a killer clubbing experience” says Shiv about the event, “each night will be at a different venue, and will therefore create a totally different mood – with music that will stay away from commercial streams of EDM, focusing instead on quality and talent (the same philosophy that drives Go: Madras)”. The post event pod casts will feature sets and interviews from the performing artists, guest mixes, and will be available for download online.

The poolside launch of the concept this Sunday features national heavyweights Anil Chawla, BLaNK, and Shiva Moon– acts who are known to stray from the trodden path of commercial EDM. Anil – in addition to a 5 year residency at prestigious London hotspot 

Turnmills – has toured the world with his vast repertoire of deep grooves, funky acid house and techno sounds, and his releases have been played by the likes of Richie Hawtin. BLaNK – featuring DJ Manny (DJ), DJ Skip (turntablist), and Nirupama (instrumentalist/vocalist) shot into the spotlight after winning the MTV Ultimate DJ Championship, have toured nationally and internationally, and continue to push their signature sound of deep soulful electronica, featuring various live instruments and vocals. Shiva Moon has been behind the decks since the late nineties when he lived in Los Angeles. Since then, his contribution to the Indian electronic subculture in the country has been immense – playing at renowned international and national festivals, while simultaneously donning the hat of producer and label owner (Rudraksh Records). Plug.In by Shiva Moon is his latest brainchild and contribution to India’s dance music scene.   


“I’m looking forward to being a part of the event”, says Anil, “Chennai could really use more scenes like this – and this will be a great way to kick start that movement in the city”.  “It’s exciting to have a performance space that promotes unique sounds, intelligent EDM, and most importantly good music – instead of factory manufactured dance floor hits” says Nirupama of BLaNK, “the Plug In gigs will offer clubbers a much needed alternative dance music culture – and we’re looking forward to being a part of that”. The nights will also place a strong emphasis on visuals, with customized ocean centric visuals focusing on underwater life, adding to the ambience by the pool – and creating a truly unique audio visual experience.


The launch kick starts by the pool at Aqua at 3pm with music, a barbeque and cocktails, and by 11pm will move down to The Park Hotel’s nightclub Pasha.


Artists interested in performing at future editions can also email their sets/profiles to:              

For More on Shiva Moon, Anil Chawla and BLaNK



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