Power Struggle Q & A with Nikhil Chinapa – Cirkus Indigo

1. First off, congratulations on selling out the early bird tickets for Cirkus.. Were you expecting this kind of a response?

Bangalore has been waiting a really long time for a festival to call its own and with Cirkus Indigo, we’re giving them just that. We’ve put together a line up with DJs from across the dance music spectrum and so it comes at no surprise that people will want to be there on the 1st and 2nd of March. We’re creating something special in our very own backyard.

2. Is it safe to assume that the venue for Cirkus – Jayamahal Palace, was chosen because you had created history with the launch of Above & Beyond Group Therapy Radio and plan on doing the same with Cirkus Indigo too?

The two events we’re talking about here have their own character and hence it’s hard to try and co-relate. Yes, Above & Beyond did make history and that was because of a lot of factors- the artists, the production, the music and the VIBE. It will be hard to ever replicate that. With Cirkus Indigo, the venue is our little playground for a whole lot of fun, music and new experiences. Let’s just say that a new chapter will write against this beautiful backdrop of a palace.

3. The DJs at the festival are all playing different genres.. This kind of a diversity in music over 2 days is something all the attendees are looking forward to, how did you go about selecting them?

You’ve answered the question for me: Diversity! That’s the simple mantra here and why I seek such a line up. You will find something for everyone on the line up which is saying something because Bangalore folk REALLY understand their music and are open to trying out new artists and new genres. I’ve simply taken their thoughts in and worked on the line up to suit their needs!

4. What really stood out in the line up was the support for home grown talent, how important was it for you to include them in the line up?

For me, the local artists are the backbone of the festival. It is because of their efforts and perservance as DJs that festivals such as Cirkus thrive. When I’m curating a line up, the local artists go there first! The clubbing culture in India has an identity because of these fine individuals.

5. Can we expect this venture to trickle down to other cities in the near future? 

Yes, you definitely can. This is just the first edition. We’re planning to do multiple Cirkus Indigo’s every year and we’ll take it to other cities starting in 2015.

6. Which acts are you personally looking forward to? If you could tell us one track/ remix we should listen to by the DJs which one would it be?

I’m really looking forward to UK duo Jack Beats. They’ve been doing a lot of really interesting things with their music and tracks and they’re also a part of Skrillex’s label. They’ve remixed everyone from Example to Rudimental and even Major Lazer. Their diversity is pretty intense and overall, they have a really cool sound.

This interview was taken by Suhani Doctor @suhanidoctor for PowerStruggleMusic.com

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