Sander van Doorn at The Blue Frog, Mumbai

—Im gonna pen this down while its still sizzling in my braincells—-

“Embrace yourself”- Sander van Doorn at The Blue Frog, Mumbai

What seemed to be a quiet Thursday night at The Blue Frog when I entered at 10:30 turned out to be the monster I’ve been looking for since a while. There were barely 30 kids standing in the patio and no music playing inside. The scene was a little different by 12, but more on that ahead.

So how is a set typically structured? The intro has some chill beats to build the groove. Movement towards vocals and a sexy kick drum gets the crowd bouncy. Got everyone’s attention? Drop the heavy bass-lines to get those hands up in the air. Rishab from Lost Stories got the bulls eye on that format. Memories of Gotye’s Somebody That I Used to Know (DBerrie Mix) didn’t let me sleep last night.

Mr. Sander van Doorn walked in and banged the place out from track one. Throwing out everything from R3hab to Swedish House Mafia’s Greyhound, he didn’t let us even slow down to order the next round of drinks. Luckily, The Blue Frog may have anticipated that and had plenty of servers who took orders on-the-go but took forever to get your drink. Any attempt to get on the central dancefloor was pointless as the closest we could get to ‘dancing’ was a fist pump or two. We ultimately resorted to climbing on the bar stools to dance, get a better view and get closer to A.C. vents.

From 1:15 till the party ended I can only remember myself jumping, playing imaginary pianos and BREAKIN A SWEAT to Zedd! Dada Life’s Rolling Stone TShirt and Quilnez’s Troll- Boom! Commanding the status- ‘Legendary’ on Power Struggle’s polls, SvD saved the best for last. Eagles with Adrian Lux, Love is Darkness and Koko were loaded, aimed and shot at the crowd in the last few minutes leaving us breathless, speechless and still dancing to the whistle orchestra kindly provided by our very own pandus in khaki (da Po-leez).

Here’s a personal message for Sander- come back sooner to the country. We need the Power every now and then ;)

Live in Mumbai:

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