Intricate Records is proud to present a brand new collaboration single produced by PROFF and Louder Dale, entitled «Traverse».

It will be released in late May, the single will contain only the original version and no remixes are scheduled yet. The English title (if translated directly from Latin) means «diametrical» or «transversal», and according to the dictionary of marine terms, traverse stands for the direction which is perpendicular to the ship’s course or its centre diametral plane. A similar type of «intersection» or crossing, but in the musical meaning, is actually happening in this collaboration track. «Traverse» is swinging from one side to another all the time. At some point you start feeling the tension, which is periodically substantiated by the sounds similar to electric discharges and signals of a gaming console, but after literary one minute of time, everything flows to the melodism and slow calmness. «Traverse» was already extensively tested in nightclubs in April, especially at the party together with Ferry Corsten in Murmansk, where hundreds of clubbers were cheerfully applauding and exclaiming to the track. Besides that, «Traverse» will be featured on the label’s debut compilation «Intricate Sessions Volume 01 mixed by PROFF & Vadim Soloviev», which will see the light of day in May 2013. While listening to «Traverse», you will notice it: «Two producers – two moods».

And if it is quite fair to say that we know Vladimir’s musical preferences rather well (PROFF is one of Intricate Records’ co-founders), then Louder Dale’s personality deserves special attention this time. Louder Dale is the new alter ego of Alexey Nefedov, a project which successfully joined the global electronic dance music scene in autumn 2010. During previous career years, Alexey was a member of Rest Point project, which was one of Russian new school trance music leading artists. Nowadays Alexey accumulated all the best achievements and experience of Rest Point and focused on progressive instead of trance, his latest works have been released on prominent labels including Silk Music, Bomba Records and Arrival. His unique style is always recognized because of special rhythms of bass lines and percussions, which he has successfully incorporated into «Traverse».

«Progressive gives much more space for the implementation of my creative ideas, – the musician from Orenburg explains. – This sphere does not have limitations, like trance does. Progressive has more priority set on music instead of rhythm, this genre is able to touch a much wider range of your emotions and force you to think, than a regular «epic trance journey».

Some positive feedbacks:
Armin Van Buuren – nice!
Gareth Emery – Cool track!
Daniel Kandi – Fantastic tune!
Mike Shiver – Nice track guys!
Kristina Sky – boom! in the box for NYC tomorrow.
Jaytech – Crazy tune :)
Mark Eteson – Love this!!!
Max Graham – Love this!
James Warren – Impressive innovative groove with loads of vibrancy and bass domination.
Flash Brothers – Special tune! Support!
Lange – cool track!

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