Puremusic – Purity

Following his recent single on Silk Sofa, Latvian producer Puremusic is ready with his full-length artist album. Featuring 10 outstanding pieces, this album engages the listener in almost an hour of amazing chillout and downtempo music.

The intro track, “Shivered”, begins with a soothing atmosphere, which soon evolves into a full-blown breakbeat with mesmerizing guitar leads and stunning sound effects. “My Religion” starts off with an intriguing breakbeat, and the theme guitar riff slowly gains its dominant position in the song, while numerous inspiring synth elements vary the textures in the track. Hypnotizing percussion elements introduce “Sunray Kiss”, and a wealth of intriguing synth layers combine to create a beautiful and energetic soundscape. “Inspired” features smooth, delayed melodies accompanied by lush arpeggio lines, and an outstanding theme lead emerges later. A deep bassline, as well as a calm beat are introduced in “Unbelievable”, and an array of lush melodic layers spice up the texture. After a comforting intro, “Ocean Of Love” features soothing percussion lines, accompanied by numerous, captivating synth elements. “Take A Seat And Relax” starts off with multiple astonishing pad layers, and a gorgeous breakbeat, accompanied by hypnotizing melodic elements, carry the track throughout its entity. “This Moment” features a unique, groovy bassline, as well as a smooth breakbeat. The piano line and floating pad layers combine beautifully to this groovy rhythm. “Ài” (‘Love’ in Chinese) begins with small, delicate bell melodies, but soon evolves into a stunning track, with a soft breakbeat and a vast array of harmonizing synth layers. The last song on this album is “Endless”, which includes a haunting atmosphere comprised of a blissful arpeggio line and accompanying floating string layers.

01 Puremusic – Shivered 
02 Puremusic – My Religion 
03 Puremusic – Sunray Kiss 
04 Puremusic – Inspired 
05 Puremusic – Unbelievable 
06 Puremusic – Ocean Of Love 
07 Puremusic – Take A Seat And Relax 
08 Puremusic – This Moment 
09 Puremusic – Ài 
10 Puremusic – Endless

Puremusic: https://soundcloud.com/the-puremusic

Facebook: http://facebook.com/SilkMusic 
YouTube: http://youtube.com/user/SilkMusicChannel 
Twitter: http://twitter.com/SilkMusic 
SoundCloud: silkmusic 
Silk Royal Showcase: http://silkroyalshowcase.com

Released by: Silk Sofa Music 
Release/catalogue number: SILKA005 
Release date: Jun 20, 2013
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