Interview with Kyau and Albert

1) Why is the tour named the Best of Kyau and Albert? Is there anything special in store for us?
Ralph: Apart from usual sets, we will more K&A classics at these 3 shows.

2) We know you’ve been asked this question before, but could you tell us how did you two meet and what musical background do you both come from. What sort of music influenced your style back in the day?
Steven: We both went to the same school and started originally as an electronic band.
Ralph: We were influenced by so many different things, but maybe most influence in the early days came from all these German Techno and Trance releases, but also listened to other stuff aswell, for example I loved Ambient and more experimental music, for example by Aphex Twin.

3) What are your expectations from your fans this time? Do you expect a change in the scene since you came last?
Steven: Really look forward to come back to India. Don’t really expect a change.
Ralph: We played in all 3 venues before.

4) Are you guys curry friendly? Are you looking forward to visiting any places in India specifically?
Ralph: We love Indian food!! Unfortunately we only come for the 3 shows and need to fly back to Germany on Monday as we are in the process of finishing our 4th studio album.

5) With so many upcoming producers and DJs, who do you think we should watch out for?
Steven: As you said it, there are so many out there. We love to support new talents in our radio show Euphonic Sessions.
Ralph: For example people should watch out for Mino Safy. He is releasing his first single on our label Euphonic soon.

6) If you hadn’t been DJs, what profession would both of you be pursuing today instead?
Steven: We both studied computer science.

7) What’s your personal favourite track and remix produced by yourselves?
Steven: Very very hard question… They all are our babies. Spontanously for me our remix for Above & Beyond’s ‘You Got To Go’.
Ralph: Our latest single ‘Are You One Of Us’, which we dedicated to our fans. It is the first single from our forthcoming album.

8) What would be the craziest experience you have had so far in any of the shows that you have played at?
Ralph: Touring the world is always a bit crazy. We played in over 60 countries so far.
Steven: We had a quite crazy experience in India. I think it was NYE 2008, when we played at a party in Mumbai, which got shut down by the police, as we just went on stage.

9) What’s the one thing every DJ should fear?
Ralph: When CD players are not working. Had this already a few times.

10) Any message you would like to give to the upcoming producers and DJs?
Steven: Try to find your own sound. Try to be unique. Believe in yourself.

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