Review- David Guetta, Pune

Numero Uno? :

For all you EDM lovers, the ones who could and couldn’t, make it for David Guetta.

“The World’s No. 1 DJ”, David Guetta ‘finally’ came down to India to show us what he’s all about. The Frenchman has belted out hit after hit, year after year and sadly, with one pop artist after another. Leaning against buses, billboards, website banners and YouTube video ads, Guetta alone was pretty much the only thing the Invasion ‘fest’ had to offer. Power Struggle went down to Pune to see what the rage was all about.

The World is Mine:

As I sat for lunch at a quaint restaurant in Koregaon Park before the show, I realized the ‘epicness’ of the event people held in their minds. Completely occupied by diners from Mumbai, the trending topics of conversations around me were, “What’s time will he start playing? How can I hustle out my band without standing in line? Where do we pregame? Have you got your After- Party bands yet?” Wow! I thought to myself, everybody is taking this gig really seriously. I finished my pizza, chugged down the energy shake and bounced before I heard someone going to the extent to plan exactly where by the stage they would stand.

Love is Gone:

Amanora Park City is one crazy ass location to have an event of this scale- just fantastic. Well placed parking, clean wide streets and beautiful buildings in the distance. Invasion Fest did indeed pull off a very well organized gig with their numerous Box office booths, clear directions and well guided entry lines into the concert area while making sure to cover the dusty ground. Remember Avicii? But that was just getting in, getting out of Amanora wasn’t the sexiest bitch. Who thought the lights around the concert area were too bright? It’s a party Eristoff! Not a Wedding Reception. The VIP seciton looked like stadium seats, but facing the wrong direction- towards the crowd- I’m sure they had a Relispray counter around for neck pain relief. 

I walked in at around 7:30 only to realize that the bars were out of alcohol- Pregamers, I know you are the only ones smiling right now. The DJ opening for ‘Meester Gyetta’ knew his stuff and actually pulled off a pretty amazing buildup for the VIP Frenchie. The lightshow was mediocre but I think dropping ‘Sweat’ as the opening track really heated things up. What followed was quite a roller coaster as there did not seem to be much direction to where he was heading. The FMIF Tribal mix of Memories was over 8 minutes long and got most of the crowd back to earth only to realize that they weren’t drunk enough to tolerate more of his yelling on the microphone. Paying between Rs. 2000- 6000 to watch 8k+ people dance to music we heard growing up forced a comparison to Bryam Adams. The crowd didn’t want to listen to mixes that were a hit more half a decade ago. But I guess he had to play “Sexy Bitch” and the “World is Mine”, who is Guetta if you take those songs out of the equation anyways?

I remember a point in the middle when he played ‘Levels’. People went buzzerk- Avicii does that somehow. Maybe it’s just me, but the last time I saw people go this wild, was for the 22 year old. That kid came and blew the crowd away with his music without saying a word. Another moment was Afrojack’s ‘Cant Stop me Now’- Boom!, I was riding high. He followed it with a track I’ve never heard before- Woohoo! I was starting to finally feel like this was worth it, and just as the build-up was about to peak- he started talking to the crowd again- D’oh! “Shut up please, its called NOTHING but the Beat”, is what I heard someone mummer next to me. This tiny mistake snowballed into a fatal argument with Akon about whether to name the track Mumbai or Pune! That’s right, AKON! WTF is going on! Most of the ‘Iv come from Ghatkopar to hear sexy bitch’ crowd started cheering while I proceeded to leave the venue. I expected much-much more, a festival is an opportunity to introduce the crowd to new sounds, a Radical Audio Visual Experience (RAVE), if I may. That clearly did not happen- this ‘party’ in my opinion was another night out, on another dance floor.

Gettin’ Over You:

“I have come from sooo far and I’m not leaving till its getting over”- big mistake sweetheart. Half an hour to get out of the Parking Lot+ half an hour more to get out of Amanora’s only exit for 8000 people+ an hour to get to the hotel = 2 hours of torture for a 15 minute ride. Maybe next time we could actually see some talent in front of those big blue lights. Percept, I hope your listening.

“Is the After-Party still awn, Pune shuts at 12:30 bro?”- hell yeahh, Power Struggle had the ‘Little Bad Girl(s)’ boppin till 5 AM at theirs.


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