Review: Hardwell @ The Hangar, Mumbai – December 9th, Sunday, 2012

We Called him a Spaceman, he blew us out of this world!

World #6 DJ visited Mumbai this week and yet again the Power Struggle Team was there to witness a psychotic set where the DJ does just what we expect of him- tear the roof off.. In fewer words- Wham Bam Thank You Maam!

The venue, an airconditioned ‘Hangar’ was fairly new, but is still definitely one of its kind in this city where marriages and gigs go down on the same piece of land. As promised, the 3000 plus people jumping up and down to every beat Hardwell threw at them didn’t feel the sweat one would at an outdoor event. A term being used very loosely recently- Big Room was definitely not the genre that night, it was straight up, full blown Electro House loud enough to get you wet (we leave interpreting that to your vivid imagination). 

Focusing more on his end of the spectrum, it was relatively close to what a real SUPERSTAR DJ (not the other crap being promoted) would expect from an arena gig. A large LED wall, well programmed visuals, trippy lights and an interactive crowd sexperience. All of Mumbai was screaming when he asked us to, all of us put our hands up when requested but the cops were like ‘chup bas’ at the buildup of his closing track- yes, they can count BPM, okaaay! Screw them, we still love it and im sure he loved us to (he said so).

“@SuhaniDoctor- It was a stellar set! Loved it when he dropped Energizer, Make Some Noise & his mashup Million Atoms To Apologize :D 

The event organizers- Crossbar Entertainment, really out did themselves this time. Planning was accurate, security was top notch and the setup/visuals/lighting/sound absolutely blew us away. A few of us did face long ticketing lines, but that comes standard for any gig of this size. What really caught our attention was a tiny side-door saying VIP ONLY that led us straight to the nose bleed section of the hangar. Though most of us think of VIP as an ostentatious fest of douche bags, this little door was a discreet walk all the way down to nose bleed paradise. The tables got a great elevated view from the sides and long bars every few meteres made sure the cover stubs given could be redeemed.

What surprised (not really a surprise since it was advertised, but yet) us about this gig was that you got full cover for your ticket price (3k for general, 6k for VIP) So the ones who chose alcohol over other means of amplifying their experience, did indeed get their money’s worth. Which organizer in other words gives you free alcohol? Thanks Cross!

Bottom Line: Fantastic gig–> Bangin’ set–> carry me home please  

Don’t forget to check out our pictures of the gig to see what you missed. 

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