Review- Swedish House Mafia, #OneLastTour Mumbai

The 3 gangstas of the EDM scene finally came to our city. After the major let down in November, we had lost most of our excitement the day before the gig. We weren’t ready to stand in line, lie to our respected bosses and feel like shit at work the next day (obviously not about the lies). 

But that soon changed. The day arrived. The phone started to ring. And suddenly it seemed like Bombay bandh. The whole city put everything on hold except their tab at a local bar. 
It was ridiculously hot, the walk was excruciating long, the traffic was backed up till Pune, infants were flocking the turf, but still, we all had the hope that it was going to be AMAZING. 

Upon entering the Sunburn Arena, the view was SICK! The security was a joke (not that anyone of us complained) and the set up was the usual unimaginative stingy walk down the bare sand pit. We began to think, are we all this excited because such massive gigs haven’t happened in the heart of the city before OR was the setup and Sunburn’s organizational skills really that commendable? We think its definitely not the latter.

What we all need now is something new. Possibly a show within a gig that actually makes us go woooh! That was one sick show! Not the usual gigs we are used to with 20,000 people and a bunch of firecrackers going up on stage. How many times are you guys ready to see that happen again?

How many times are we going to hear a blast and see a whole bunch of confetti flying up in the air? We are bored.

The SHM did indeed do their little part in creating a memory for us all. Raising our flag and waving it was one proud moment. We all got a little emotional. Admit it.

All in all, they came, they played and they left. Not before they made us wait for 45 minutes in the scorching heat. Why couldn’t the Sunburn team have a DJ play some tunes in the mean time? Instead they had a CD playing in the background we could barely even hear.

Entry was fairly convenient but exiting was a bi**h. Leaving a tiny gap between barricades midway through the ground was a major hazard- someone with a health emergency would never be able to leave midshow. Ticketing was quick and well organized for those who exchanged their web tickets the day before.

Power Tip: don’t wait until the last minute to exchange your web tickets. And definitely don’t do it at the venue. It’s a major high pooper.

We are not even going to address the Traffic condition. If you’re from Bombay, its high time you suck it up and deal with it. The faster we embrace our crappy bottlenecked roads, the less unhappy we will be.

Bottom Line. We love you SHM. Most of us still don’t believe you guys broke up. But what we do believe is that one-day, you guys will come back together for one more tour and we can all sit back and reminiscence your #secondlasttour.

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