Review: The Deadmau5 India Tour

India had been waiting for Deadmau5, a.k.a., Joel Zimmerman for a very long time, no doubt about that because the excitement was clearly all over social media when his India tour was announced. I have been following his music for over 5 years now and I was really looking forward to it. Amidst all the excitement for Deadmau5, we forgot about the supporting act – R3hab. Having been to India already and seen what the audience here enjoy, we expected a fantastic show.

Joel finally hit the shores of Mumbai on March 14, 2014. I was waiting for this day since his twitter conversation with Zedd on June 2nd 2013 (around when Zedd toured India). 


After a long tiring day at work, I knew Deadmau5 was going to be worth every bit of excitement I had stored up. I reached the venue at around 7 PM and got a glimpse of utter chaos. People had been waiting in line for over an hour just to get their passes, but the levels of anticipation for this gig were astronomical. 

I missed on out on the start of R3hab’s set, but wasn’t very impressed with whatever little of it that I heard. Well, one can’t complain too much since the highlight of the night was obviously Deadmau5! It was really cool to see that he was in a kurta when he got on stage, which he later had to get rid of because of the heat. He started his set with ”Avaritia” followed by “Are You There?” – and damn right we were.  It is rare to see the energy level rise to max just at the first track, but there we were with thousands of hands up in the air. The visuals were really good, but I obviously would have loved to see the cubes and mau5bots (hopefully when he his back). Beautiful transitions in the tracks kept the story flowing through the night. However, the crowd was very unresponsive, only a few were really enjoying it and as expected there were people in the crowd asking, “Where’s the drop?” – I did hear that, not kidding.

His set was a treat to my ears because after all the big room gigs that I have been to, hearing him play some amazing tunes without any drops made me a happy soul. Few the highlights of the set, will always be remembered. For instance, he wore a turban when he played his remix of Daler Mehndi’s “Tunak Tunak Tun” (whose FMFA video had already gone viral). People just went ape shit (the way he says it)- bhangra is always a winner. “Ghosts ‘N’ Stuff” and “The Veldt” got the crowd singing along. But the highlight for me personally was when he played “Strobe” & “My Pet Coelacanth” vs. Morgan Page’s “The Longest Road”, just listening to it live was a different feeling which can’t be replicated in anyway possible. He was really interactive with the fans, telling us that he wants to have lassi, then chugged a glass of it, after which he announced that he would trade Tim Hortons for it!

He was impressed by the crowd because he did say he wanted to come back, with Prof. Meowingtons next time. All in all, it was an unrealistic experience for me, you may agree after reading the tracklist that’s at the end of the article. 

On checking Twitter and Facebook sadly, a lot of people were disappointed, the reason? Because he didn’t play their favorites or the old tracks that they all know. Another reason was the fact that he remixed “Tunak Tunak Tun”, apparently assumed to be a marketing gimmick. But isn’t this what music is about? Expect the unexpected, that’s all I can say. I was rather sad to see this kind of a response because if one just went to gigs to hear favorites or for the hype of it, they would be plain bland. I agree that he should have played more of his hits, but isn’t a set where the artist plays unexpected stuff even more fun? The fact that Deadmau5 is so vocal (even on social media) about what he wants, causes a lot of misunderstanding but hey, that’s Deadmau5 for us, got to respect him for being so bad ass and standing up for himself. 

I would be amongst the very few who weren’t disappointed because this  was the first time I saw him play live, and I thoroughly enjoyed it; even though the people around me were really dead. I hope that people start realizing the joy of living the moment and enjoying the musical journey that the DJ wants them to have. 

It was great to see Deadmau5, and yes I would love to see him back again in India not once or twice but a million more times! 

Thank you Sunburn Festival for giving us this opportunity to see him live [Symbol]  

Tracklist (In no particular order):

Deadmau5 – Your Ad Here 

Deadmau5 – 7 

Deadmau5 - Avaritia 

Deadmau5 – Suckfest 9001 

Deadmau5 – Fn Pig 

Deadmau5 – Strobe 

Deadmau5 – Are You There 

Deadmau5 – Ghosts N Stuff 

Deadmau5 – Some Chords 

Deadmau5 – The Veldt 

Deadmau5 – Drop The Poptart 

Deadmau5 – Cthullu Sleeps 

Deadmau5 – Somewhere Up Here 

Deadmau5 vs. Morgan Page – My Pet Coelacanth vs. The Longest Road 

Haitrus & DJ Bam Bam – Thrill Her 

Hot Mouth – Juxtapose 

Weepee – Platea (Steve Haines Remix) 

Haitrus & Nom de Strip – The Nothing (Hot Mouth Remix) 

Tune Wall-C – Fine Out 

Daler Mehndi – Tunak Tunak Tun( Deadmau5 Remix)  

This review was written independently by @SuhaniDoctor for Power Struggle Music.

Photos courtesy: Sunburn

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