Sande & Acler (Sweden)

Joakim Sande & Fredrik Åkerstrand have known each other for a couple of years. It took them a while to discover their common passion for EDM and decided to collaborate as a side project to their own artistry, for as far as these guys know, two heads think better then one and that there is always something to learn from each other.

In late 2011 they officially formed the duo “Sande & Acler”. As they both have several years of experience both as DJs and producers individually, they felt after just the first track that they both evolved by collaborating and that they found a unique sound and style as a team. Their first release as Sande & Acler will be released in March of 2012 on Fuzion Four Euro, and is an EP with two tracks that really shows what the Sande & Acler sound is all about.

Before they knew it they had their third track finished and soon even that one will reach the dancefloors in a near future. As a DJ-duo they tend to bring an exciting euphoric and energizing experience with branches trhu several genres within the EDM spectra, in addition they also complement each other on stage to interact with the crowd like non other, so rest asure that they will make any dance floor boil to its core.

Click here to check out their sets exclusively for Power Struggle!

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