Secret Garden Weekend Pune

The Secret Garden Weekend on June 6/7 at Pune promises to be a cracker of an experience. With tons of things to do and some fantastic musical talent on offer, it promises to cater to each of your five senses. Some fantastic experiences lie in store for the guests such as hammocks placed above the crowd from where performances can be viewed, a color battle and set seven course meals! We are extremely excited to go view everything in store (though 2 days may not be enough) and urge you to read on to learn more!

The Secret Garden will comprise of a number of areas each targeting a specific sense. The Main Stage will showcase the best of Indie & Electronica, while the Gulmarg Stage will be an enclosed igloo made of over 70 different types of fragrant flowers and light installations, showcasing rare and fresh World Music. For those who would like to explore the boundaries of their taste buds, The Garden of Love comes with a selection of gourmet world cuisines, from Swiss Racklettes to local Japanese cuisine. If you want to go a step further, there will be a Table of Ten which will select ten random Secret Gardeners and put them on a table where they are taken on an eight course tasting menu of molecular and blindfolded treats.

With two stages and 30 hand- picked bands, live instrumentalists and performing artists from genres of new age Electronica to Indie and Rock, The Secret Garden Weekender aims to uplift your spirits with experimental music that comes from the people right around you. Carefully scouted, the SOUND segment will feature music that combines two extremely different genres together.
Imagine dancing to a live Techno Set that is combined with Carnatic Vocals and a mouth harp. With 15 acts on each day, the Zeitgeist stage will be a progression of sounds from new age instruments to live bands eventually ending the night with thumping electronic music from the genres of Deep House & Techno.

Day 1 – 15 acts
Progression of sounds from new age instruments shifting into live bands and eventually, ending the night with thumping electronic music from the genres of Deep House & Techno

Day 2 – 15 acts
Apart from indie and rock bands and Electronica, “The Grand Finale of The Celebration of Life” will showcase A confluence of 5 artists performing together for 90 minutes with a beautifully crafted concoction of electronic music coupled with Carnatic vocals and rare instruments such as sitar, mouth harp, tabla.

Imagine a Jazz quartet featuring a Deep House set or a conglomeration of World Mouth Harpists coming together to discover new sounds. 

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