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There is no event on this planet that can ever come close to a Sensation White Party. Period. A night out at a Sensation party will definitely leave you with stories you would want to share with your grand kids. Take Power Struggle’s word for it since we were lucky enough to make it for their London debut back in 2011 (It was their smallest party till date at the O2 arena. A mere twenty thousand people)

So what makes Sensation white truly the greatest dance music event in the world? Every other festival showcases the best talent. So does sensation. Every festival focuses on awesome visuals. Sensation takes that to a whole new level. Every other festival (like tomorrowland) tries to focus on a theme. Sensation has a simple theme-WHITE, which they incorporate into 5 larger themes shown below (don’t even think of not dressing up in all white!)


Embarking on a special mission for unity: to become part of a world, in which borders between us, our environment and others fade; to gather around a radiating sphere and strengthen our mutual bond; to celebrate togetherness at the highest level; and to regain contact with the Source of Light that connects us all.


Sensation presents to you Innerspace – the world within. Let us guide you on a spiritual journey to enlightenment. Innerspace is an adventurous journey through the seven stages of enlightenment.

Spirituality can be found on the dancefloor: no past, no future, celebrating the now. Sharing a collective consciousness of our own inner beauty, we are presented with a Sensational experience.

Welcome to Innerspace.



Sensation returns to the core of house music with the simple yet powerful message: ‘Celebrate Life! Everyone takes part in a sensational experience. Acrobats, performers, deejays and visitors all contribute to a unique manifestation of unity and bliss. Sensation is one of few places in the world where you will find forty thousand people interacting in such a respectful and inspiring manner. We celebrate life with house.


What lies beyond the white door?

Sensation ventures on a sensual journey into Wicked Wonderland. A tantalizing voyage filled with sexual and emotional discoveries. A place full of secrets and surprises, rewarding the curiosity of those willing to lose themselves. A world of wicked wonders.

Who dares to enter Wicked Wonderland?


Countless tiny little drops make up the Ocean of White.

All of us become part of a greater universe. This wondrous world of nocturnal sea life offers innumerous possibilities. Acrobats shoot from the ceiling, giant jellyfish hover above the dancefloor, as dj’s guide the crowd through uncharted waters of mesmerizing grooves and melodies. Welcome to The Ocean of White.


  • Sensation is held all year round in the several countries. They announce their events up to two months in advance. So you have ample time to plan a trip around one of their parties. We cannot stress anymore on the importance of attending one of their events.
  • Also, since Sensation is held in the biggest cities around the world, and if you’re not a three-day festival kind of person, this is the perfect event for those in dire need of their hotel room bed after a heavy night out. 
  • Their parties normally have a five to seven DJ line up with each DJ playing an up to ninety-minute set. The party normally commences at 10 pm (you would want to get there around 11:30 pm and make sure to travel via public transport) the last DJ closes his set at around 6:45 am.
  • Don’t sweat it if you find out about a Sensation party on the same night its about to go down. If you aren’t a very big group, we recommend heading to the arena and trying your luck. Be ready to shell out a few extra bucks and be subtle about purchasing tickets from a dealer. It is very much illegal and there are cops outside waiting to bust you. It’s worth all the trouble though. Guaranteed.

Website for dates/line-ups/prices:

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Countries: Belgium, Chile, Denmark, Netherlands, Romania, Spain, Ukraine, Brazil, Czech Republic, Germany, Norway, Russia, Serbia, Great Britain.

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