Sensation White Dubai – ‘Ocean of White’ Experience

On 30th of October 2015, Dubai experienced something unreal. Yes, world’s leading famous dance music event, Sensation returned to Dubai with a new show – Ocean of White.

‘All White’ party in the Middle East

After a sold out 2014, the second outdoor edition of Sensation, ‘Ocean of White’ took place at the Meydan Racecourse in Dubai last Friday! More than 20,000 ravers gathered for an unforgettable night filled with spectacular show elements and music.

To dance like it’s nobody’s business.

Dressed in white from head to the toe, thousands of music lovers came together for one motive – Dance!

A stellar line up…

1) Sensation superstar – Mr. White
2) Dutch duo from Holland – East & Young
3) The very famous Quintino from Netherlands
4) French electro and nu disco DJ and producer – Martin Solveig
5) Tomorrowland resident – Yves V
6) Dutch electronic Dj and Producer – Sander van Doorn

Because Mr. White perfectly knew how to set the mood

Covered in white paint, resident DJ of Sensation, Mr. White played a perfect warm up house music set and created just the right vibe.

You couldn’t help but jump for joy, when you made it to the Meydan Racecourse

The vibe was unreal. The energy was unbelievable. The smile on the faces were magical.

…And some ice-cold Heineken beer that too in a white bottle!

What’s better than a chilled beer? Nothing ever tasted better than a cold beer that evening to get into the groove. 

The Dutch duo from Holland, East & Young played a banging euphoric big room set.

Marc van Oosterbaan & Ivo de Jong, better known as East & Young delivered a truly unique experience to all those in attendance that made a true big room raver jump with excitement with their personal edits and unreleased remixes.

Those stupendous visuals, pyros, fire bursts, water and the controlled lights effects!

The production elements of Sensation White Dubai ‘Ocean of White’ were off the hook! Right from the gigantic jellyfishes floating, numerous fountains with bursting water meters high and mind-boggling fireworks. One word – EPIC!

 When you were bouncing to SupersoniQ Dutch dynamo Quintino and the crowd went absolutely mental

One of the leading forces in the global music scene today, Quintino took the attendees to a completely different level! Not only did he play personal tracks like Scorpion and Milestone but also new IDs.

When the feeling is mutual and music connects people from different cultures

Happy people, happy vibe! There was a definite sense of unity and respect among the Sensation attendees that night. People from different cities/ countries came in to celebrate the second edition of Sensation ‘Ocean of White’ music festival in Dubai.

 Losing your mind to Tomorrowland’s resident DJ, Yves V

Yves V took the entire venue by storm. The Belgian DJ and Producer, played a set of incredible energy dishing out some of his biggest tunes. He sure kept the audience on their toes and screaming for more.

Click here to watch Yves V in action

The crazy white decorations all over the place left you speechless

Sensation White Dubai looked like an entirely different planet that night! Now don’t you agree to that?

The feeling when every time a beat dropped, the wrist bands sensors picked up the vibration from the bass and turned red.

Need we say more?

 Beautifully curated sets… 

Each and every DJ from the lineup delivered a sensible set that went along with the theme of the night, allowing the production to fall hand-in-hand with the music being played.

 Every time MC Gee shouted ‘Put your hands up, put your fucking hands up’….

MC Gee was on point for literally the entire night. This man came in at the right times to great effect.

The excitement on everyone’s face when Martin Solveig dropped +1…

Now can I be your plus, plus, plus, be your plus one? Can I be your plus one? I could be your plus one! Good feeling eh? 

Click here to watch Martin Solveig in action

Going absolutely nuts with the most random people who you haven’t met earlier

Everyone is your friend at a music festival! Dancing with random people and making new music friends is the best feeling in the world!

THAT closing set by Sander Van Doorn

Sander Van Doorn played a concrete set at Sensation this year. Old as well as new famous singles like ‘Joyenegizer’, ‘This’, ‘Lost’ and ‘Ori Tali Ma’ caused serious damage and kept the crowd boosted and moving till the night ended.

Click here to watch Sander Van Doorn in action

You need not have to go hunting for food in the city because the food court was just right there!

Hungry AF with all that dancing you did there? There was a food court that was serving delicious food.

Had the best time of your life and didn’t feel like going back home!

You know you had an amazing experience at Sensation white Dubai when you entered all milky white and left extremely dirty ;)

We cannot wait for Sensation to come back with another theme in 2016. The fantastic selection of artist, music, set up made for what might be one of the best festival sets we’ve seen in recent memory.

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