SENSATION: They came, they saw, they conquered.


Hyderabad, March 5th, Saturday, Gachibowli Stadium

After landing in Hyderabad, we were still unsure what to expect from the Indian version of Sensation. Having visited their first ever London show (Ocean of White) followed by their Prague show (Source of Light – our personal favorite) we were filled with mixed feelings. Were we going to be let down? Or would sensation live up to its name of actually being the worlds leading dance event?


Now personally, I’m not a festival kind of guy. I hate the long journeys, the super long lines and especially – waiting for EVERY single thing at these full blown festivals. For me, Sensation tops my list because of its convenience factor, 8- 10 Hour party after which I can peacefully grab a comforting meal, head into my hotel bed and most of all – the white theme. It’s the theme that gets me looking forward to the event really. The guys over at Sensation damn well know the importance the theme plays in our minds. It was indeed a night I looked forward to from the time I read their announcement. So simple, so clean, we love Sensation.


I’m not going to go into details about the way the show started with a massive opening ceremony followed by Mr. White, a quick introduction leading to Lost Frequencies, followed by yet another intro leading into Axwell’s set and so on into Afrojack’s and Laid Back Luke’s AH-mazing set which involved him dropping Baby Doll and Chitiyaan Kalaiyaan. (HAHA! It sure was one hell of an experiment, which delivered for him, we love LL, he’s so bloody Talented)

Most other reviews you’ve read have addressed the music, the suspended dancers, the lights, the fireworks, and the all white dress code which sensation always, always nails with their dress in white or go home rule. They’ve been doing this for a decade now, their execution is untouchable.

Music today is not a deal breaker. The music always mostly delivers. Plus, it’s a personal choice, No? For us, It’s the Vibe, the way the night progresses, the organization, the easy access to the section you paid for, getting a drink, the security and staff (who were absolutely great if you ask me, they were VERY well equipped with the knowledge of the event they were protecting and executing. 

Events for us are actually, truly about becoming one. Something every festival/event around the globe advertises and hopes to achieve one day – that their event will somehow bring us all closer. No boundaries, no differences, just one full-blown love story.


The Hyderabad Sensation was at a 90% for us. The 100% satisfaction is something you can only achieve in an indoor show. We HIGHLY recommend you visit a European show. Most of their shows are hosted indoors. A roof gives them more room to be creative when it comes to putting on a show. Take your pick from Amsterdam, Prague, Moscow, Italy etc. Its really not that far and it is definitely something that will change your opinion of how a night out should unfold. Hyderabad started that process for you I’m sure, now just completely flip your opinion and book a return ticket to Amsterdam in the month of July this year.

The next 5 years in Hyderabad are going to be truly magical.

Thank you for reviving the dance scene in Hyderabad.

Love you long time.


#SensationIndia #TurnEverythingUp


Photo credits: Sunburn, Styling: Style Fiesta, Graphics: APWIG
This review was written independently by co founder and director of Power Struggle Music- Trilok Nichlani

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