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This club has survived the tides of time and still pulls in some of the best crowd in Mumbai every weekend. Here’s the proof, CNNGo in 2009 wrote,

With gigantic stone statues leading into a 4,000 square foot area of glowing lanterns with lush bamboo thickets and soothing pools of water, Shiro would seem like the last place to go crazy in Mumbai.

But this popular pan-Asian restaurant/bar is home to retro-themed Friday nights, when the high-ceilinged lounge is so crowded you need to balance your drink on your head and stand on one foot to hold your space (ok not quite but you get the picture).

The above still holds true in 2012. This lounge is equipped with floating speakers and has recently set up LED screens for Video Mixing sessions that are out of this world. Drinks are on the lower end of expensive and the bar menu has an impressive variety of cocktails that in our books, are mixed to perfection.

By sticking to the norm of Retro Fridays and Club Saturdays, this lounge has stayed at the top of its game with minimal reinvention. Expect to hear everything here from Madonna to Swedish House Mafia and let the DJ take over control.

Power Tip: Look sharp at the door as there is a door check and get your freak on at the dancefloor while guarding your bar space.

The Bummer: The place gets packed fairly early for Bombay standards and the pre-paid valet service takes forever due to the infrastructure of Bombay Dyeing Mills.

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