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My name is Pranas (a.k.a StayCool!), born October 28, 1995. I got interested in DJ’ing in 2011, in age of 15 – when I started to listen clubbing music, and then I wanted to share my taste of music with other people.  So, in the beginning I was working with very simple program “Virtual DJ”, and no controller.  Then in the summer of 2011 I got my first controller, and then I started to work harder – I started to create mix’es/podcasts. Day by day, I was getting more and more skills at DJ’ing, and I’m still improving myself. Also, few months ago I started to use “Ableton Live”, so I decided to create bootlegs/mashups too.

The nickname that I now have was not the first nickname for me – firstly It was DJ PranK, so after more time of thinking the “StayCool!” was chosen.

Main genres that I usually play are – Progressive House & Electro House, but I also play Dubstep & Trance.

In 2012 spring, I first time debuted in one party, and I played with few DJ’s like “Funky M”, “M.Sho”, “Nawe” and others.

I’m looking forward to create a lot of more stuff, and spread my music to the world!


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Name Length Genre
Mord Fustang vs. Maroon 5 feat. Christina Aguilera – Move Like A Rainbow (StayCool! Bootleg) 6:00 Electro House
Dim Chris feat. Amanda Wilson vs. Avicii – Drowning Sometimes (StayCool! Bootleg) 6:52 Progressive House
Dabruck & Klein feat. Ollie James vs. Archie vs. Calvin Harris – Feel The Rules Of Love (StayCool! Bootleg) 7:39 Progressive House
Big Day feat. The Winners, Powhart & Catina pres. Funkwell – Hot Summer Day (StayCool Bootleg) 5:01 Electro House
Mario Larrea feat. Jennifer Levy – Belief (Original vs. Chris Lake) (StayCool! Bootleg) 5:46 Progressive House
Tommy Trash & Sebastian Drums, Mitch Crown, Whelan & Di Scala  – Here I Come Ladi Dadi (StayCool! Bootleg) 6:49 Progressive House
Hard Rock Sofa & Swanky Tunes vs. Dyro & Rene Kuppens – Here We Raid (StayCool! Bootleg) 5:54 Progressive House
Ansol vs. Dyro – Paradox World (StayCool! Bootleg) 4:34 Electro House
Arty feat. NERVO – Space Again (StayCool Bootleg) 6:28 Progressive House
Dyro vs. Chrizz Luvly – Awake Me Up Again (StayCool! Bootleg) 4:47 Electro House
Fafaq vs. Fred Lilla – Opus Epizode (StayCool! Bootleg) 6:47 Progressive House
Jerry Rekonius vs. Cazzette – Paranormal Levels (StayCool! Bootleg) 6:30 Electro House
Leventina vs. John Dahlback feat. Lilla Sallskapet – Champagne Out (StayCool! Bootleg) 5:58 Progressive House
Funky M feat. GJan – Not Afraid To Love (StayCool! Bootleg) 6:04 Progressive House
Avicii vs. Justin Timberlake & Timbaland – Last Sexy Dance (StayCool! Bootleg) 6:44 Progressive House
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