#TechnoTakeover with Tuhin Mehta


RSVP- Facebook Event

Entry charge- Rs. 500 per head (includes a free drink)
Extended Happy Hours: 25% off on all domestic liquor

FREE ENTRY before 10PM 

UNLIMITED DEALS (for Table of 8 and above-prices are per person and include the entry charge)

Domestic- Rs. 1150- incl. Blenders Pride, Teachers, Smirnoff, Antiquity, Kingfisher Premium
IMFL- Rs. 1600- incl Teachers, Absolut, Ballentines, KF Ultra
Imported- Rs. 2300- incl. Imported Liquor- Black Label, GreyGoose, Chivas, Heineken

8th floor,
Blue wave, Off new link road, Andheri (west), 
Kamlakar L Walawalkar Marg, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400053

Phone: 088 79 122181

About Tuhin Mehta:

Tuhin Mehta belongs to the old school breed of DJs. With two decades of experience pioneering club-world in India, he’s a force to be reckoned with. He is someone who has immersed himself in the art of DJing from an extremely young age, where it was not just a forged career path, rather, a way of life.

A professionally qualified sound engineer from SAE in Chennai, along with being an international ambassador to the Berklee College of Music, Tuhin not only has immense experience from the various clubs that he has played in over the years, he also has a sharp understanding of the technical aspects behind sound production. His understanding of equipment is grade A and it speaks volumes that he was named a Pioneer Pro DJ for India in 2007. This combination of both prowess and technical ability only adds to his allure as a DJ who has a sharp understanding of the science of rocking a dance-floor. As a producer, he is one half of the duo Brute Force, a collaboration that began many years ago with childhood friend, Shane Mendonsa. Together, they’ve launched Brutal By Birth, the subcontinent’s first independent dance music label, promoting their unique brand of hard hitting, acid laden, bass heavy dance floor stompers. 2010 marked a big step on the production front for Brute Force. The duo featured on trance music’s hottest star, Gareth Emery’s award winning album “Northern Lights” with the seductive, euphoric, hands in the air tune, ‘Arrival’. Keeping himself busy on all fronts: DJing at the biggest clubs to packed crowds, producing massive tunes that get featured on award winning albums and now organizing one of India’s top-notch music festivals in his home town – Tuhin Mehta is obviously here to stay and each year his imprint on the scene in India is becoming everlasting. It has to be said, no one really understands the intricacies and sheer power that music holds, as well as he does.

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