The EDM Bubble


There is an extremely thin line between the genres EDM and Pop Music today. Dance music has become a craze and collaborative work between DJs, rappers, country music singers and rock bands has amplified its growth on a global scale. “It’s getting bigger and bigger and here in the States it has become the genre of ‘now’… of course it will have its moments when its more popular or less popular — just like rock music or hip hop — but there will always be dance music,” said Tiesto, a Dutch music producer and DJ who is now one of EDM’s biggest names. Its reached an extent to which 4 out of 10 tracks played at any local pub/club will be the same. ‘Superstar’ DJs like Avicii, Guetta, Tiesto and the SHM trio took responsibility in deciding what tracks deserved pop status and to a certain extent have barred a majority of the youth in having their own opinion and preferences in music- it all sounds the same.

While the trend may have been around in Europe since decades (thats where it pretty much began), gained immense popularity in the United States since the past 7 years and is just about taking off in India, we wanted to share our thoughts on where we see this madness headed- well atleast in India. With the growth of popularity in EDM, we have seen several new players in the industry sprout out of nowhere. New bedroom DJs are trying to get noticed by record labels, event organizers are competing against each other in efforts to book the most popular act in each city, promoters are thinking up innovative marketing strategies to attract crowds and bar sales are suffering due to high ticket prices to attend these so-called ‘EVENTS’. Lets break down this rat race by starting off with what exactly a dance music party should be.

The Event:

Dance is a form of expression and music fuels this engine. When any music lover goes to a club or concert to hear his/her favorite DJ/ band play, they want to be able to move with the groove. The whole experience has to lead to that one moment during the gig that he/she is going to remember for a long time as the differentiating factor that made it the ‘best gig ever’. In the current scheme of things, that moment never comes. The bouncers at the door aren’t trained to greet you- they rudely ask you to pay some ridiculous amount to enter the club and then make you feel like they are doing you a favor. After wrestling around for half an hour, the bar makes sure to squeeze you even further by charging twice the amount you would pay anywhere else just because its a special event. Post this ordeal, once you are ready to shuffle your feet a bit to the song you have been waiting to hear live since so long, you realize that the dance floor is a sausage fest with kids just staring up at the DJ without a clue about why they are there or what they are hearing.

The New-Age ‘Ravers’:

No place to move, no place to drink and no chance to immerse yourself into the night. “Dude, last night was sick! The place was jam packed and the music was simply next level! I don’t what the DJ played last night but people we going mad- its was crayyy bro’. We have all heard about how people referred to SHM as ‘he’ and thought ASOT was an artist. Someone recently asked us why we have FRISCO play at our gigs so often- FRISCO is Friday Night Disco :/ Majority of the people hitting up gigs today are there because its cool to be. Sixteen year olds will swipe daddy’s card for bottle service so that they aren’t stopped at the door, 10% of the crowd are in there because they won some contest or the other online and the rest want their next status update on Facebook and Instagram to have the most likes. The artist wonders why he sees yawns while testing new sounds and sees everyone go absolutely mental when he drops a commercial tune- creativity gone for a toss.

The Bubble:

We see this industry growing into a bubble. Yes, like the .com and the real estate business- Inflated pricing due to sudden initial demand followed by a sudden burst. The burst is a fall in demand and demise of an industry because of multiple options and market saturation which will further lead to a fall in prices. Went above your head?- here’s the simplified version. We believe that soon there will be too many gigs, too many festivals and far too many artists flying into the country as well as several being being bred within. This will leave the fans with more choice than they can handle and an eventual decline in interest. To still make some money, all stakeholders will reduce ticket prices for these gigs which then would have a dwindled audience. A few key players in the industry who have merged or adapted to newer genres of music and futuristic sounds of that time will survive while the hundreds of other small promoters and event management companies who jumped on earlier to surf the EDM wave will get wiped out. 

When will this happen and how will we know that ‘The End is Near’? Well, our team thinks that change is already in motion. The real dance music lovers are already looking for something new. New spaces that allow them the freedom to dance without being pushed around or judged, new sounds that amaze and new artists who have the balls to defy the norms. Where are these spaces and what are these sounds? Follow our artists and events- the answer will reveal itself :)

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