Tiesto India Tour- Mumbai


After a lot of anticipation and hype, the legendary DJ Tiesto toured India to show us what all the fuss is about first-hand. Having seen him multiple times before in festivals and clubs abroad, our team expected the best progressive dance set Mumbai has heard in a long time. Our hopes and deepest fears both came true in an ‘arena’ in the middle of Turf Club, Mumbai. Percept and Submerge have miraculously managed to bring down major acts successively every two weeks and given EDM lovers a fabulous start to the year!


He Owned the Night:

Unlike the frustrating SHM wait, Tiesto played his first track bang on time. It was quite an amazing sight watching thousands of people dropping their drinks and leaving the bar que to get in front as soon as he got on stage. Tiesto started his set at 8 PM sharp with Chasing Summers followed by We Own The Night. Kids wearing our Gabi Life tees around the place absolutely lost it! With a slew of hard hitters like Hell Yeah, Sweet Nothing and United he had the crowd in the air at the turn of a knob every few seconds. Zero 76, Apollo and Spaceman’s Carnage Festival Trap Remix had a special connect though. Hardwell influenced tracks were the uplifters in our opinion. Mumbai has a strong affection for the young Dutch DJ post his performance here last year which was made quite evident. We noticed people standing in the wings weren’t really into the set. On one of the attempts to make it to the bar we realized that there was absolutely no sound. The speakers were set in such a manner that only the people facing centre stage could hear the mids and lows- epic fail!

Surprise Me Baby:

Pair Of Dice Back (Disfunction Mashup); Every Tear Drop vs Maximal Crazy;  Kernkraft 400 vs. Rage vs. Raise Your Hands Up were the closing tracks for the night- mashups galore!. We visited absolutely pristine, raw and virgin thumper territory and it made all the difference. Delavita’s trap mix of Joyenergizer, I Love It (Sick Individuals Remix) and Clarity were also in the tracklist that night- please remind us again of which of your favorite sub genres of EDM didn’t touch upon? This is what we have been harping about since Mr. VIP Frenchie- Guetta came down here, take some effort to make us go WOW! Its not about animated visuals or smoke guns, its about that inner satisfaction one gets when he/she closes her eyes and completely gets immersed in what matters the most- MUSIC!

Anyone can play a gang of hits, he goes on. The trick is to make them feel like they’re really at a show. “It sounds very abstract, but a great DJ takes his audience on a journey,” he says. “You want them so into it that they can’t leave. The tracks that get the attention are the songs that create some kind of feeling. And that became a precondition for everything we did in the studio.”- The King of Oontz Oontz Oontz

We were happy, very happy. His music needs no introduction. Trying to give him a review would be an insult to him. But just like every other Indian who is so bloody hard to satisfy no matter what one does, we heard a couple of kids complain on their way out, “Why couldn’t he just play Escape me? Would it be that hard, did he not see our 10000 tweets asking him to do so? Why Tiesto why? Why would you do that to us”? Never-the-less, we thank you for a super night, your tunes, your accent and that smile of yours will never be forgotten. We love you, but please don’t come back for a while. We are all very broke and very tired. Some of us even took Post-Tiesto resolutions that we want to stick to. The pace at which EDM is taking off is absolutely ridiculous. We pray that it doesn’t die down as fast but matures into a culture with more intimate club gigs that allow the best DJ’s to drop the pressure and play an interactive and experimental set to suit their mood!

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